Parents Get Surprised By Student Loan Pay Off News While In Bed

Student loan debt is a huge problem in our country, and it seems to be worsening


Photo: Courtesy of Maritza Huerta

Student loan debt is a huge problem in our country, and it seems to be worsening. So paying off debt, in particular student loans is major accomplishment — just ask 31-year-old Maritza Huerta. The Latina and Founder and CEO of The Twins PR paid off a $20,000 student loan debt in just five years. This incredible achievement, that takes a lot of hard work, was a moment that not only had to be captured but had to be shared with the two people that supported her every step of the way.

In a hilarious and heartwarming unveiling, Maritza surprised her parents — in bed! — to tell them that she had paid off her student loans and filmed the entire thing.

This moment is so touching and sweet! It’s also a reminder that while we celebrate other huge milestones like birthdays, anniversaries and baby announcements, paying off any kind of loan should also be celebrated.

Because there’s so many struggling to pay off student loans, in an interview with HipLatina, Maritza told us exactly how she did it and advice on how to get over this tremendous hurdle.

HL: How much did you owe exactly?

“I paid approximately $20,000 in school loans, including interest.”

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