The 15 Most Stylish Cholas and Pachucas to Follow on Instagram

Since the 1940s, Chicana ladies, in towns such as El Paso (known as Chuco Town), Los Angeles, and Tucson, redefined what it meant to be a woman in America. While women at the time were expected to stay home and be good girls, pachucas wore men’s clothes and hung out with their boyfriends. They spoke Caló, challenged gender norms, and were way ahead of their time. They were also stylish. Pachucas of the ’40s and ’50s (and since) were all about victory rolls, bumper bangs, and pompadours. Pencil skirts, button-ups, and round toe pumps, or their own zoot suit.

These pachucas gave Chicanas the inspiration to continue the aesthetic, a mix of Mexican and American style, into what we know as the chola look. Since the 1970s, chola style has been marked by statement hair, dark lips, long-winged eyeliner, Dickie’s, Ben Davis, and hands decked with chola bands. Shadow plaid flannels, white tank tops, webbed initial belts, and Nike Cortez. It’s a tough mix of feminine and masculine style, done the Chicanx way.

Today, there are modern-day cholas and pachucas who continue to rock these iconic looks, live this lifestyle, and add their own influences and modern fashion trends into the mix. We wanted to share 15 of these stylish Latinxs on Instagram who nail chola and/or pachuca style.




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