14 Stylish Hair Accessories and Barrettes to Rock This Summer

Photo: @whatliesbeneaththeweave/Instagram

Nabbing some on-trend accessories each season is a great way to partake in the latest styles without breaking the bank (unless you want to, darling!). You can pick and choose from what the runways and mags say will be the “it” items, and get the accessories you want, at a price point that makes sense for you. It’s even advisable to get something frugal, as some trends fizzle out and you might not revisit them as often as that price tag would hope you would. Another added bonus is that accessories will automatically make all the clothes in your closet look instantly fresh and current.

We can definitely blame this on the huge all-things-’90s resurgence, but hair accessories are having a major moment for spring, summer, winter, and fall of 2019. Think barrettes, claws, clips, and pretty much anything else that is going to keep your hair up and away during these upcoming hot and humid months. We, always wanting you to be the ultimate in-the-know fashionista, compiled the following list of super on-trend hair accessories you will see everywhere this season.




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