14 Stylish Hair Accessories and Barrettes to Rock This Summer

Nabbing some on-trend accessories each season is a great way to partake in the latest styles without breaking the bank (unless you want to, darling!)

Photo: Unsplash/@aliixar

Photo: Unsplash/@aliixar

Nabbing some on-trend accessories each season is a great way to partake in the latest styles without breaking the bank (unless you want to, darling!). You can pick and choose from what the runways and mags say will be the “it” items, and get the accessories you want, at a price point that makes sense for you. It’s even advisable to get something frugal, as some trends fizzle out and you might not revisit them as often as that price tag would hope you would. Another added bonus is that accessories will automatically make all the clothes in your closet look instantly fresh and current.

We can definitely blame this on the huge all-things-’90s resurgence, but hair accessories are having a major moment for spring, summer, winter, and fall of 2019. Think barrettes, claws, clips, and pretty much anything else that is going to keep your hair up and away during these upcoming hot and humid months. We, always wanting you to be the ultimate in-the-know fashionista, compiled the following list of super on-trend hair accessories you will see everywhere this season.

Rhinestone Word Pins

You are going to see a lot of bobby pins that go beyond the ordinary. Rhinestones, pearls, metallics, bright colors, and more will pop against your hair, while also holding your pelo in place. Within this trend is the big trend of rhinestone word pins. Now, you can share your feelings on your hairstyle. Shop from the array of cool choices, or get something custom made!

Statement Headbands

A trend that takes its cue from the 1990s is the headband. But, like other ’90s trends, this time we’re taking it up a notch. Headbands are embellished, tall, padded, luxe, and sometimes tiara-like in form. Find the version perfect for you, and you’ll have a classic accessory that will work hard at adding something extra to practically all your outfits.

Versatile Hair Scarves

It’s safe to say that a lot of these hair accessory trends are vintage-y in nature. These fashion seasons have taken inspiration from what worked in the past, and brought it into 2019. Hair scarves is a good example of one of these trends.  If you haven’t already, you will see them on everyone this summer. Scarves will be tied around a pony, worn as wraps and headbands, woven into braids, and highlighted on buns — believe me! Scarf prints themselves are another trend, so add some detail to a neutral outfit with a printed version of the accessory.

Flower Power

Floral for spring isn’t groundbreaking, but it’s always beautiful to see flowers in the hair, plus it’s a trend for the season this year! We have seen little flowers popped into braids, and full-on huge floral crowns, so this is a style you can work a lot of different ways. And, if there’s ever a season to rock flowers, you know it’s this one.

Throwback Scrunchies

You probably never thought you’d see a scrunchie again, but they’re back and in a major way. And, since everything ’90s is being done again in a big way, scrunchies are being worn to be seen. Think a half top knot with a scrunchie on full view. It’s so throwback, but we are here for it!

Bold Barrettes and Clips

Same goes with barrettes and clips — it’s go big, or go home. These hair accessories are meant to be seen from a mile away. Clips and barrettes have luxury brand monograms, are made up of goldtone metal, crystals, and/or pearls, or are just supremely oversized. And “more is more” is the key here. It’s all about how many of these accessories you can line up, layer, and squeeze onto your mane!

Pretty Bows and Ribbons

Hair accessories, especially the ones of this season and next, bring a touch of femininity to your various outfits. It’s just an extra thoughtful addition that makes your look appear more complete, planned, stylish, and fashionable. And nothing is more feminine than a bow. Yes, bows and ribbons are an easy, inexpensive, and major trend in 2019. You can play this more subtle and demure, with a simple, skinny ribbon or go for a huge velvet bow that takes center stage.

Beaucoup Bobby Pins

When you buy bobby pins, you get a whole lot of them for practically nothing. That’s good because you’re going to need them — a lot of them. In 2019, it’s about wearing several bobby pins at the same time, very visibly, in different patterns —stacked, crisscrossed, haphazard, etc.

Leather/Fabric for Wrapped Ponytails

The local craft and/or fabric store can be your best friend if you want to try out some of the latest and greatest trends. Especially this next one. On the runways, low ponytails were made even sleeker by wrapping leather, velvet, and other fabric/cord/trim around the hair. Some opted to wrap a small portion of the ponytail, while others wrapped the majority of the style. The result is super stylish, plus it’s a great way to keep your hair together in the heat/rain/humidity!wrap

Claw Clips

Not only are these affordable hair accessories super convenient for throwing your hair up and giving you easy ’90s hairstyles, but they are on-trend right now! Hair claw clips also come in so many different sizes, colors, and styles, so you can have fun creating your own cool collection.

Polished Pearls

A lot of the hair accessories you will see on ladies, in stores, and online are super glam. It’s all about sparkle, boldness, extra-ness, and having fun with fashion. Pearls are a trend within this trend. They have cropped up on all sorts of hair accessories, and just add such a luxe, elevated look to any outfit.

Dangling Hair Accessories

Earrings or hair accessory? You often have to choose between the two if they compete for attention and prove to be too much together. But what if you had one piece that did double duty?! Cool dangling hair accessories, which are placed near the ear, give you the best of both worlds, while also offering something fresh. And they’re so in, right now!

Transparent Tulle

Tulle isn’t just reserved for weddings and ballerinas. It’s actually also an on-trend hair accessory! Tulle is dainty and pretty, but also has so much volume and presence, while also being airy, and not bulky. You can create a sweet tulle bow for your hair, or craft something totally sculptural, over the top, and/or unique. Have fun with it! Tulle also is a spring 2019 trend for clothing.

Princess-Inspired Tiaras

Meghan Markle, Duchess of Sussex’s royal wedding inspired a lot of elegant, feminine, and definitely regal trends. One of these is tiaras. Some of the headbands we mentioned previously are raised and blinged out to the point of looking like more demure crowns. Others are more literal and will have you looking like a princess.

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