30 Summer Hairstyles That Will Keep You Chic and Cool

Summer is right around the corner, and with it, the heat and humidity — depending on where you live

Photo: Unsplash/@richardconr

Photo: Unsplash/@richardconr

Summer is right around the corner, and with it, the heat and humidity — depending on where you live. It’s the best time to pull out the sundresses and bring out your best dewy and bronzey beauty looks. It’s also a fun time to experiment with hairstyles. We’re talking hairstyles that are relatively easy to pull off, will keep your hair away from your face and neck, and that will hold up to the elements — including the sun, heat, chlorine, humidity, ocean water, sweat — you name it!

This summer is all about looking and feeling your best. Instead of searching all of Google for inspiration, endlessly scrolling Instagram, and hoping your favorite magazine does an article on the topic, we decided to save you all the time and trouble with our stylish roundup of peinados you’ll want to wear when the temperatures rise. You can also use these hairstyles for travel and also at the gym! Have fun, try them out, and share with your friends! Here’s to a seriously stylish summer.

Half Ponytail

The half up-half down pony literally looks great on everyone — regardless of hair texture. This was a major hairstyle during the ’90s that has seen a major resurgence during the past few years. It’s super cute, keeps your hair away from your face, gives your hair major volume, is super on-trend, and also takes years off your face. You can keep your half ponytail on the more demure side, keeping the ponytail low, or without as much what I like to call “waterfall effect,” or you can put it right on the top of your head with super volume and waves/curls everywhere. It’s a versatile style!

Fishtail Braid

A simple braid is another great summer hairstyle. But if you want a little bit more oomph and wow factor to your plait, why not try a fishtail braid? You can keep the braid tight, or pull out the pieces on each side a little, or a lot, to create a more dramatic, voluminous look. If you want a sleeker, more severe look, slick back the front with product. Looking for a more boho, romantic look? Keep the whole look more relaxed and wispy, with tendrils in the front for an effortless style.

Puff Cuff Updo


This next hairstyle is a really cool and quite possibly the easiest curly updo you’ll ever find done by Instagram’s @honestlizhere, with the assistance of two different sizes of puff cuffs. Her curls are swept up into a larger cuff, then she anchors the curls with a junior cuff to control the curls in front. It’s the perfect balance of voluminous and natural, within the realms of an updo. It’s also no fuss and very low maintenance.

Curls in a Twisted Head Wrap

A headwrap is great because it does double duty for your hairstyle. Not only does it protect your hair against harsh weather and environmental factors but it also looks super stylish. You can also wear a wrap in a number of ways. You can cover all of your hair, or let as much as you want to peek through. You can keep it casual, or glam it up, depending on the print, finish, and detail of the fabric. This look can be as unique as you are.

Scarf Braid

Another beautiful way to incorporate fabric into your hairstyle is to weave a scarf, ribbon, or other textiles through your braid. It elevates the everyday plait into something more stylish and special and will amp up any outfit. This look can be done in different ways, with scarves of different lengths to achieve various looks. It can give off totally boho or preppy girl vibes, depending on how it’s done.

Donut Bun

A bun, a.k.a. the topknot is an elegant, pretty, and effortless way to both keep your hair out of your face and look chic. You can wear a bun in so many different ways, but in this instance, we will focus on what is known as the donut, or hunny bun. You can use a tube sock to create this perfect little hair circle, or just buy a pre-made kit. The result is polished, sleek, and very ballerina chic.

Moisturized Curly Bob

Just because it’s sunny and warm (or hot), doesn’t mean you are forced to put your hair back. If you use the right products, you can let your natural curls bounce and shine in all their glory. On Instagram, @nattymorais shows us how she brings the definition, bounce, and volume out of her rizos by investing time and using the right products on her hair. All your curls need for the summer are the best products that are meant for them!

Box Braids, a.k.a. Poetic Justice Braids

Braids are a way to protect your hair, keep your hair up and away from your face when it gets warm/hot outside, and showcase some serious style. In keeping with the all-things-90s box braids, also known as Poetic Justice braids, are back and in full force. Though to be clear, Black women have never stopped rocking this look. Janet Jackson made them a thing in the 1993 film, Poetic Justice, but today, you can also see them on stars including Beyonce, Keri Hilson, and Solange. If you’ve never had them done before we recommend hitting up a salon with experts in braiding before attempting to braid your hair yourself.

Space Buns

What can we say?! The 1990s are back and with vengeance. An easy and super cute hairstyle from that decade that’s relatively popular again is space buns. All it takes is a hair knot on each side of your head to complete this look. Pile them high on the head, or low at the nape of your neck. Complete the look by laying down your edges a.k.a baby hairs.  It will keep your hair up and away from your face and neck and have you on-trend all at the same time.

Sleek Low Ponytail

A low ponytail is probably the easiest hairstyle when you want to pull your hair back, but that doesn’t mean it has to look simple. A ponytail that is sleek in the front that showcases full, curly, and dramatic hair in the back looks so chic and stylish. You can keep it sleek and simple, or add some tendrils for a face-framing element.

Tuck and Cover Hairstyle

@missysueblog showcases another easy hairstyle for the summer. Known as the tuck and cover, this hairdo utilizes a scarf, or more often a stretch headband. You take the hair, roll it around the scarf or band, and tuck the ends in, securing the finished look with bobby pins. The Instagram video shows you how it’s all done! The result is an easy, bohemian updo that looks feminine and carefree.

Infinity Braid

Braids are so pretty, fun to do, and come in some many different iterations. You can just wear braids every day and constantly be trying something new. Like this cool-looking infinity braid. It is a tight, compacted style that looks more elevated than the traditional plait we grew up wearing, but it looks easy to recreate, and pull off.

Decorate your hair with hairpins

Hair accessories are having a major moment right now in the fashion world. Probably the most important accessory in the bunch are barrettes and hairpins. Whether they feature rhinestoned words or designs, these pins, barrettes, or clips will keep your hair where you want it to be, while showing off your personal style. We’re obsessed with these “CURLY GIRL” pins designed by Dominican fashion stylist and founder of Huse of Curls.

Jumbo Ponytail

We are here for ways to make your hair look bigger, more fierce, and just better. This hack shows how to take your ponytail and make it jumbo. The trick is to create two ponytails, one lower and one further up on the back of the head, and place them one directly over the other. This creates the illusion of one super big, super fabulous ponytail that will draw attention and complete all your summer looks.

Messy Topknot

Messy buns are rad for many reasons. They keep your hair in one place during your hectic day (or your day of lounging), are generally easy to create, and yet look super chic and pretty. You can make all sorts of messy buns, and each will look different. It all depends on your look and your mood.

Crown Braid

Whether it’s festival season, or you just want to look like a boho queen any day of the year, crown braids are a pretty way to get all your hair up on your head. This handy photo guide shows you how easy it is to create a braided crown. If you want to add something extra to the look, you can add some hair accessories, or weave some ribbon and/or flowers in, a la Frida Kahlo.

Clips and Curls

We told you hair clips are a thing! Rock your hair down during the summer, and keep what you need back with some dazzling, fun clips. The trend is to go more is more, but you can also keep it simple and chic. A cool pointer is to check out the kid’s hair accessories when shopping; they have so many fun colors, patterns, and embellishments, and also are usually inexpensive!

Slicked Back Hair

Summer will have you emerging from the pool or ocean like a diva, complete with wet, slicked-back hair. Why not rock that dramatic yet easy to pull off look, even when you’re nowhere near water? It will keep your hair all in one place, help fight against frizz, and look sleek as hell.

Feed-in Stitch Bun

Feed in braids, according to Rayann410, “are the illusion of naturally long cornrow braids as if they are growing directly from the scalp (no extensions added). The Feed in Braid technique is achieved by adding in braided hair extensions to one’s natural hair, strand by strand, beginning with a starter braid using your natural hair first.” This look features feed in braids styled into a big, tight topknot. The pattern the braids create is so striking, and it’s a stylish look that will stay put during your various summer activities.

Messy Low Ponytail


Messy buns and ponytails are proof that some of the best hair looks don’t have to be intricate. Take this twisty, haphazard pony, for instance. It highlights the natural texture of the hair, the dimension of the haircolor, and makes the hair look voluminous and cool. You could literally wear a messy ponytail every day, and change it up just enough for each day’s look to appear completely different.

Half Bun

The half bun is a great style when you want your hair up, but still, want some of it down, similar to the half pony. You can keep your top knot small and compact, or big and almost nest-y — but in a good way. It’s one of those I don’t care (but I do) hairstyles that look so effortless and cool and pairs well with pretty much any outfit.

Simple French Roll

French style is all about elegance that is never forced. It’s easy and effortless, like this simple French roll hairdo. All you need are some bobby pins, and some twists and tucks of the hair, to create a chic updo that will instantly make you look like the belle of summer.

Sleek High Ponytail

A sleek, severe, high ponytail never goes out of style, and always looks empowering, fierce, and uber stylish. It also makes for an ideal summer hairstyle. Whether your hair is pin straight, or you have a cascade of curls, the high pony looks vibrant, youthful, and will make anything you wear it with look like the best outfit ever.

Sleek Center Parted Bun

Face it, hair buns are crucial to warm-weather style. Another form of them is the center-parted bun. A center part is sleek and chic, but it also draws the eye to the center of your face, which is what you want, no?! It gives just enough elegant interest in the front of the style and keeps your hair flat and against the head, which makes for a stress-free, worry-free summer ‘do.

Marley Twists


Marley twists, according to Natural Hair Rules, “are two-strand twists with extension hair known as Marley Braid Hair instead of the typical braiding hair. Marley Braid Hair very closely resembles natural hair textures.” Twists are great for protecting hair while also creating a stylish, boho hairstyle that looks great with summer looks.

Head Wrap

We previously showcased a head wrap look where the fabric was twisted into a crown over curls. here are 4 more ways that the head wrap can be styled, which is perfect for summer. Some of these are great for protective styles, to keep your hair off your neck, and to cover up on those “bad hair” days.



Whether your hair is too thick to style or you want to have less hair near the nape of the neck during the warmer months, or just want to add a cool detail to your hair, an undercut may be for you. You can opt to shave any (or more than one) side of your head in a traditional way or add in cool patterns. This edgy cut also lends itself to tons of cute summer styles.


If you’re ready for a seriously radical change then a buzzcut might be the move for you. This is an easy move for those of you with already short hair or pixie cuts who just want to feel free of having to do you hair when the temps get up into the triple digits. We never want our hair to weigh you down. A buzzcut can look truly stunning, and has little to no daily styling time required.

French Braid

When festival season rolls around, and it starts getting warmer outside, you will see all kinds of French braids and French braid variations sprout up on heads everywhere. They’re beautiful, stay put, and keep your hair away from your face while keeping you cool, both heat-wise and style-wise. This handy guide shows you how to French braid your hair in a quick and easy way.

Do a long braid


You can never really go wrong with a simple braid but we especially love the way this one looks on curly hair. Ingrid, founder of Curlfident elevated this look to another level by making sure to keep her edges nice and laid. It’s simple enough to dress down but elegant enough to wear at an event or a night out.

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