Feel Empowered This Summer with These 10 Latinx Songs

What better way to transition to a post-pandemic life with none other than a playlist of empowering songs


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We have experienced a lot this past year so listening to some music with powerful, uplifting messages is a sure way to bring buenas vibras into our lives. Artists like Bad Bunny always make us want to dance with classic reggaeton beats and lyrics touching on equality. Selena Gomez recently embraced her Latin roots through her music with the release of her Spanish album and the track “Adios” is a must-listen. We have put together a playlist of 10 songs with great beats and even better lyrics that you will love to help kickstart Summer 2021.


“Yo Perreo Sola” by Bad Bunny

Video: YouTube/BadBunny

“Yo Perreo Sola” is one of the most-viewed Latin music videos worldwide. The video features Bad Bunny in drag as he sings about respect for women on the dance floor while highlighting the LGBTQ+ community. The song breaks down barriers in a male-dominated music industry sends a message to the reggaeton community that women’s right and LGBTQ+ rights are important.


“Me Gusta” by Shakira and Anuel AA

Video: YouTube/Shakira

Shakira teamed up with Anuel AA in January of last year and released a song about a couple who are in love but have fallen into bad habits which ultimately ends with them losing love for each other. This song gets better at the end when they end up fully committed to reclaiming what they lost. To add to the summer vibe, the song’s melody is from Inner Circle’s 1993 reggae pop hit, “Sweat.”


“Tan Bonita” by Piso 21

Video: YouTube/Piso21

Piso 21 released the song “Tan Bonita” last year and it is fire. Piso 21 is known for having a raw, authentic sound and using real instruments in their music and it shows in this song. Piso 21 tells BillBoard that they made this song because “so many people follow us – so many young women who might have low-self esteem and daily conflicts – and Piso 21 is here to generate valuable content and remind them that they are beautiful.”


“Adios” by Selena Gomez

Video: YouTube/SelenaGomez

Selena Gomez released her first Spanish EP “Relevacion” in March of 2020 and it’s everything you would want it to be. Although the entire EP is fire, “Adios” is one song that stands out because it has Selena calling out an ex who won’t accept that she is over him. She told ET, “this new music is a labor of love for all of my Latin fans. Whether you speak Spanish or not, I hope you can feel the emotion and passion. For me, that is the beauty of Latin music.”


“Latina” by XNilo, Charly Black and Valentino

Video: YouTube/XNilo

XNilo recorded a hot new single “Latina” with Charly Black and Valentino featuring tropical melodies that is sure to have us all dancing and singing this summer. This song blends multiple cultures and highlights the beauty of Latin women from all over the world.


“Tu Si Sabes Quererme” by Natalia Lafourcade and Ruben Blades

Video: YouTube/NataliaLaFourcade

Natalia Lafourcade is a Grammy-winning singer and songwriter who recently dropped an album called Un Canto For Mexico Vol. 2. “Tu Si Sabes Quererme” is a single off of the album that was written by Lafourcade and features salsa legend Ruben Blades as well as Mare Advertencia, who is a Oaxacan rapper and social activist. This song is about good love between people and is filled with powerful energy and beautiful lyrics like, “Corazón, tú sí sabes quererme como a mí me gusta.” It’s a beautiful reminder to recognize those who love you like you need to be loved.


“Donde Nadie Mas Respira” by iLe


During the time of the gubernatorial election in Puerto Rico, iLe released “Donde Nadie Más Respira.” The Puerto Rican artists told Rolling Stone that the song is about making a change in society and standing up for what you believe in. “With this song, I hope to encourage people to get involved, take action to confront those in power, and face the issues so that we can make real progress.”


“Ella No Es Tuya” by Rochy RD and Nicki Nicole

Video: YouTube/RochyRD

Last summer, Rochy RD from the Dominican Republic became a viral sensation and for his latest single he’s joined forces with Myke Towers and Argentine singer/rapper Nicki Nicole. The single “Ella No Es Tuya” is about a woman asserting her independence and reminding him she doesn’t belong to him or anyone else.


“Ahora” by Bomba Estereo


Colombian pop group Bomba Estereo just released an EP called Aire featuring “Ahora” which has a unique electronic sound with tropical vibes for a fun listen. The song, as well as the entire EP, is about connecting to the planet and disconnecting from social media. On their Instagram they wrote “this EP invites you to remain in the moment and continue to connect with nature and ourselves.”


“The Art of Starting Over” by Demi Lovato


Demi Lovato has gone through a lot in her life and the song, “The Art of Starting Over” is just another story about her personal struggles. It’s a soft rock cover that ends with “Truth is we all die alone, so you better love yourself before you go.” This song, as well as her entire album, touches listeners who struggle with their own burdens in life and allows Lovato to be seen as a role model in many people’s lives.

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