With Their Super Mamás Podcast, These Latinas Are Winning By Putting Family First

Paulina and Bricia Lopez are the type of women you look at in awe

Super Mamas Podcast

Photo Credit: LilyRo/Paulina and Bricia Lopez

Paulina and Bricia Lopez are the type of women you look at in awe. In addition to running their super popular podcast, Super Mamás, the Lopez sisters are owners (along with their other siblings) of three family-run businesses: Guelaguetza, a popular Oaxacan restaurant in L.A.’s KoreaTown; I Love Micheladas, best known for their MicheMobile; and ILoveMole.com, an e-commerce site where you can buy authentic Oaxacan mole just like grandma used to make.

So how did two sisters with success in the restaurant world start a dope mom podcast? Pretty naturally actually. Super Mamás was a project that came organically out of motherhood when both sisters had children around the same time – Paulina with her second child and Bricia with her first.

Super Mamas podcast

Photo Credit: LilyRo/Paulina and Bricia Lopez

“In 2015, Bricia had just had her baby and I had my second baby. Our sister bond got stronger. We wanted to share our stories about raising our babies bilingual and bicultural. [We] went to Sam Ash and got a mic, propped it up on a cardboard box and we just went for it!” said Paulina. And like many successful entrepreneurs, they winged it at first. “We literally googled how to record a podcast,” Bricia added with a laugh.

Two years later they’ve upgraded from recording with a mic in their office to the real gear and their following has grown far and wide and it’s more diverse than either of the sisters would have expected. “We actually have a big chunk of listeners that aren’t Latina and that aren’t moms which is so surprising to us. There are a lot of cultures that can relate to our experience, filtered through our Mexican immigrant experience” Paulina explained. “Everyone can relate,” Bricia added.

And it’s true! Super Mamás deals with motherhood and family first – after all, as Paulina made clear, “family is the center of who we are” – but they also focus on empowerment, self-improvement, and personal growth. They make sure that their content is inspiring women to be their best selves and they also keep things interesting for all listeners. “We like to go back and forth between having an expert, someone who will inform us, and someone who will entertain us,” Paulina elaborated.

They’ve also found that their content really resonates with Latinas because they touch on subjects that aren’t really acknowledged or discussed within the Latino community. Some of those topics include coping with loss either with the death of a child or by miscarriage. “It’s something you don’t talk about,” Paulina said. “It’s like a scarlet letter women walk around with, [but] women want to speak up and share their experiences.” They’ve also discussed: postpartum depression, sex, machismo culture, and molestation. 

Above all things Bricia and Paulina want their listeners to embrace and realize that there isn’t a right or wrong way to be a mother. It’s okay to make mistakes, and as long as you love your kids, you’ll be a super mamá.

You can check out Super Mamás, Paulina and Bricia on Instagram and you can listen to episodes on their website, Stitcher and iTunes.

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