5 Horrifying Truths We Learned From Lifetime’s “Surviving R. Kelly”

Source: Instagram.com/RK

The full weight of the #MeToo movement fell upon the music industry last night — right on R. Kelly’s deserving head. The world tuned in as Lifetime aired the first installment of a three-part documentary series on women who have survived sexual, emotional, and physical abuse from Robert “R.Kelly” Kelly. The series, aptly titled “Surviving R. Kelly,” was produced by legendary entertainment journalist Dream Hampton, with the help of countless victims who bravely came forth to tell their stories. Each part will cover the truth behind the entertainer’s decades-long reign of abuse towards young and underage women.

The explosive first-part sent Twitter into a firestorm last night, as #SurvivingRKelly became the #1 trending topic. As stated by former R.Kelly collaborator, Sparkle, “Robert is a master manipulator, [and] everybody knows it now.”

Read on to learn some of the most surprising elements of the first part of the documentary. The remaining episodes will air on Lifetime Friday and Saturday nights at 9p ET.




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