Taco Eye Makeup May be the Most Delicious Trend We’ve Seen Yet

The world of Instagram beauty has truly taken the art of makeup to new heights

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The world of Instagram beauty has truly taken the art of makeup to new heights. For years out-of-the-ordinary and abstract looks were often only seen on the runway or in editorial spreads, but thanks to the boom of social media we can appreciate creative looks on a daily basis. Within the past few months we’ve seen everything from geode lips to brow art and of course the popular unicorn-inspired makeup. But the latest to join this growing list of trends may just be our favorite. Folks, say hello to Taco Eye Makeup.

Recently, makeup artists have been showing their love for this Mexican food by creating mini versions of it on their eyelids—and it is absolutely everything! According to POPSUGAR #tacomakeup may have stemmed from a contest held this past May in which Taco Bell asked fans to submit their best Taco Bell-inspired makeup using the hashtag #tacobellmakeup.

This isn’t the first time people have displayed their serious skills by created mini pieces of art on their eyelids. This past spring makeup artists also recreated small versions of their favorite viral memes on their lids. While taco makeup may not be your go-to for an everyday look, it sure is addicting (and mouthwatering) to look at.

Check out some of the yummy creations below. (But beware they may cause a serious taco craving.)



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