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Why ‘Gordita Chronicles’ Deserves More Seasons, Not Cancellation

Sofía Aguilar
When I found out that HBO Max had canceled Gordita Chronicles just one month after it premiered on the platform, it wasn’t just disappointing—it was familiar. And that was its own kind of terrifying. How have we arrived at this point...
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‘Gordita Chronicles’ Series is Telling Authentic Immigrant Stories

Virginia Isaad
WARNING: SOME SPOILERS AHEAD Gordita Chronicles says so much in the title alone and while body positivity is foundational to the series, it’s also a spotlight on Dominican culture and the immigrant stories we don’t often see on television. Show...
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‘Gordita Chronicles’ Comedy Series About Dominican Family Picked up by HBO Max

Virginia Isaad
Latinx representation in Hollywood is limited and especially now on television and we can a new comedy centered on an immigrant Dominican family living in Miami to the short list. The series, Gordita Chronicles, is set to premiere on HBO...