16 Fashion Pieces Every Dominican Would Love

You love where you’re from and you want to rep it

Fashion Pieces Dominicans Would Love

Photo: Courtesy of Sherly Tavarez

You love where you’re from and you want to rep it. But finding places that offer adorable (and not tacky or poorly made) clothing and accessories that represent your country can sometimes be a challenge. Fear not, as we at HipLatina have made it our mission to find the raddest of the rad in terms of country pride gear and deliver it right to you. We scoured the net and found only the coolest ways to rep your Latinx pride.

This edition is all about orgullo Dominicano. The following are 16 items that celebrate the nation, be it through the flag, cultural references (mangú anyone?), or beautiful jewelry—check them out!


Hause of Curls Pelo Malo Where? T-Shirt

Dominicana Sherly Tavarez created her Pelo Malo Where? T-shirts to empower women, and inspire them to embrace and love their natural hair. For fall, the line was expanded to include hoodies.


ERREDE Dulce e Guayaba T-Shirt

Forget Dolce & Gabbana, this T-shirt is all about Dulce de Guayaba. New York company ERREDE gave a shout out to dulce de guayaba, a guava jam used in Dominican traditional dishes. wp_*posts

Pedrini Queens Dominican Hat

Photo: eBay/bonsanity

This hat from Pedrini Queens is a classic accessory given the glam treatment. The letters D and R are gleaming, allowing you to add some shine to anything you wear with it.


Stag & Peach Co. Dominican Republic is Calling Sweatshirt

Photo: Etsy/Stag & Peach Co.

Home, no matter where it is (and no matter if it’s our home here, or the motherland) is always calling. This hoodie by Stag & Peach Co. gets it, and delivers the message in the cutest way possible! Added bonus? You can order this hoodie in various colors.


Jazyourlife Creations Mangu con aguacate Pin


Mangu is a delicious-looking dish of mashed plantains topped with sautéed red onions cooked with vinegar, queso frito, avocado, eggs, and fried salami Dominicano. Jazyourlife Creations took all this goodness and put in a pin that shows off Dominican culture and pride perfectly.


Da Collections Dominica BORN Bodycon Midi Dress

You love the Dominican Republic, but that doesn’t mean you want to wear its flag all day, everyday. This super cute and stylish dress by DA Collections, in a neutral army green, is a great alternative for those who were born in the DR and want to show off their pride.


Life’s a moda Dominican Faceless Dolls T-Shirt

Photo: Etsy/life’s a moda

Life’s a moda made a great T-shirt showcasing a part of Dominican culture and history. It features the ceramic faceless dolls, also known as Muñecas Limé, which were first created by sculptor Liliana Mera Limé. These dolls represent the blended African, Taino, French, and Spanish cultures and identity of the Dominican Republic.


Silvervintagejewelry Sterling Silver Larimar Cuff Bracelet

Photo: Etsy/silvervintagejewelry

Larimar is a beautiful blue mineral that is exclusive to the Dominican Republic. This vintage boho sterling silver cuff is the perfect way to sport something that you can only get from the DR.


The Peralta Project Yo Amo mi Pajon T-Shirt


Artist M. Tony Peralta mixed “old New York, Hip Hop, and Latino culture” to create the awesomeness that is The Peralta Project. He collaborated with fabulous Dominicana Carolina Contreras of @miss_rizos on this “Yo Amo mi Pajon” shirt, a celebration of big, beautiful, natural hair.


Poppin Bachatera Pin

Photo: Etsy/Poppin

“Bachata to the bank,” or anywhere else for that matter, with this super cute pin by Poppin. This brand creates all kinds of dope pins that celebrate Latino culture.


Dominican Nike Air Force 1s

Said to be dropping sometime this month, the Dominican Republic Air Force 1s is the footwear brand’s homage to the Latino country. The shoes feature the colors of the flag, soles that say “De Lo Mio,” and dominoes attached to the laces.


Peralta Project Negra Script Hoodie

Photo: Peralta Project

Another great Peralta Project product is this hoodie shouting out orgullo Negro. We definitely need to see more items like these that celebrate Afro-Latinx culture.


Peralta Project Dique T-Shirt


What can we say? Peralta Project stays making dope Latinx shirts. There’s no need to spend a crazy amount of money on a Louis Vuitton tee, when you have this dique LV shirt from Peralta Project.


The Tee Shack Zazzle Got Mangú? T-Shirt

Photo: Zazzle/The Tee Shack

No one here is asking if you got leche. We want to know where the mangú is. The Tee Shack gets a high five for this T-Shirt shouting out one of the Dominican Republic’s most popular dishes.


Valfré Platano Top

Photo: Valfré

Dominicans are serious when it comes to their love of platanos. Celebrate that in the most adorable way possible in Valfrés baby blue cropped tee with a chenille banana patch.


Forever 21 Pineapple Print Contrast Tee

Photo: Forever 21

This pineapple print shirt by Forever 21 is the perfect way to add a tropical touch to your wardrobe. And its only $7!

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