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14 TV Shows Featuring Latinx Talent Premiering in 2023

Sofía Aguilar
Latinxs have been making their mark in media and entertainment lately, especially in Latinx TV shows. There’s no shortage of great shows to watch but it’s especially amazing to see Latinx talent both in front of and behind the camera,...
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Francia Raisa Won’t Make Herself ‘Seem More White Just Because That’s What’s More Acceptable in Society’

Johanna Ferreira
I never really knew who actress Francia Raisa was before I learned she was Selena Gomez’s BFF. The one who donated her kidney to keep her good friend alive. I’ve been intrigued by her ever since and have made a...

Francia Raisa Was Asked to Fake a Mexican Accent

Celebrities have become a lot more vocal about the lack of diversity and representation in Hollywood, since campaigns like #OscarsSoWhite and #LatinosLeftOut began. And grown-ish star Francia Raisa has a lot to say regarding the lack of roles offered to Latinx...