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‘Diary of a Future President’ Executive Produced by Gina Rodriguez Returns for Season 2

Virginia Isaad
Seeing a Cuban-American future female president on the small screen is a sign of progress and so naturally we’re excited to see the return of Diary of a Future President on Disney+. Cuban American Elena Cañero-Reed, 12, (Tess Romero) is...
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Jane the Virgin Chapter Ninety: The Beginning Of The End

Priscilla Blossom
Alright, Jane fans, we’re now up to Chapter Ninety and that means the beginning of the end of our favorite telenovela. In our last episode, Jane was coming to terms with her breakup with Rafael, Ro and Jane were writing...
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Jane the Virgin Chapter Eighty-Nine: Jane’s Ro-morse

Priscilla Blossom
As the intro to this episode states, love has always kind of come easy to Jane. She’s the sort who has always had someone pursuing her, whether it was Michael, or Rafael, or JasonMichael, or even that telenovela actor she...