‘Lopez vs. Lopez’ & ‘Not Dead Yet’ Renewed for Season 2

The Latinx community knows better than anyone what it feels like to have yet another Latinx-led show canceled, even ones that resonate strongly with viewers, from The Gordita Chronicles to Gentefied

Not Dead Yet Lopez vs. Lopez

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The Latinx community knows better than anyone what it feels like to have yet another Latinx-led show canceled, even ones that resonate strongly with viewers, from The Gordita Chronicles to Gentefied. But now  we can celebrate not one but two Latinx-led comedy series being renewed for a second season. Not Dead Yet stars Puerto Rican actress Gina Rodriguez had a hugely successful first season on both the cable network and Hulu, building an avid fan base and even breaking the record for the most-watched comedy debut at ABC. Now, on the heels of an emotional season finale, ABC announced that they renewed Not Dead Yet for a second season. Lopez vs. Lopez, starring George Lopez and his daughter, Mayan, was also renewed for a second season. The series was so successful following its premiere, nine additional episodes were ordered for a 22-episode season. Cast members from both shows are celebrating this major win not only for their respective shows but also for Latinx representation on TV.

“This season can’t be described in one caption. Honestly, it can’t be described with words because it took up every space of my heart,” Rodriguez said in an Instagram post the night of the season finale premiere. “This cast was my anchor. They lifted me up, they cared for me when I was feeling sick, they protected me when I was exhausted, they loved me and my baby as if their own. I love you @notdeadyetabc cast. And this show would have not been possible without the incredible writing! FROM OUR AMAZING WRITERS! We stand with you for we would not be here making heart warming art without you.”

Not Dead Yet follows Nell Serrano (Rodriguez), a woman who is recently returning to the workforce after living in the U.K. with her ex-fiancé and putting her entire life on hold for the past decade. When she returns to her old job at a newspaper as a newly single, messy woman, she’s given the only job available to her: writing obituaries. Suddenly, in a comedic Sixth Sense-style, she begins to see the ghosts of the people she writes about, moves up at her job, and learns important lessons about love, life, and loss along the way. Throughout the first season, the show did an incredible job of showcasing Rodriguez’s comedic talent while offering poignant lessons about death, friendship, and starting over. And also allowing her to be Latina without making it her whole personality as a character.

While Lopez vs. Lopez centers on the father-daughter relationship that takes inspiration from the real-life relationship between George and Mayan.  George and Mayan star as father and daughter repairing their broken relationship after a decade of silence with Mayan now a wife and mother. George is struggling with work and moves in with Mayan and as they work to repair their relationship, we get to see their generational perspectives at odds with each other. Salvadoran American show writer Debby Wolfe helped bring the series to life while Cuban-Dominican actress Selenis Leyva plays George’s ex-wife and Mayan’s mom.

“See you in early 2024! Thank you to all who love this show as much as we love making it. It can’t come fast enough,” Mayan wrote in an Instagram caption sharing the renewal news.

The entire first season of Not Dead Yet is now available to watch on ABC and Hulu. Lopez vs. Lopez airs on NBC and for streaming on Peacock.

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