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Netflix Cancels ‘Gentefied’ After Two Seasons

Sofía Aguilar
We know we weren’t the only ones hoping for a third season of Netflix’s Gentefied. Executive produced by Honduran-American actress America Ferrera, the Latinx dramedy has given voice to the unique Mexican-American experience in heavily Latinx neighborhood in Los Angeles,...
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‘Orange Is the New Black’ Star Jackie Cruz Announces Twin Pregnancy

Sofía Aguilar
After Jessica Marie Garcia and Amara La Negra, another poderosa has announced her pregnancy this year. Jackie Cruz, known for her role as Marisol “Flaca” Gonzalez on Netflix’s Orange Is the New Black has announced that she is six months...
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‘Gentefied’ Returns for Yet Another Powerful and Emotional Season

Virginia Isaad
Netflix’s Gentefied is one of those rare TV shows that has it all—Afro-Latinx/Latinx representation, commentary on racism, colorism, xenophobia, family, and rejection of machismo. With an undocumented immigrant character as the patriarch who isn’t made a martyr or a victim,...
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9 Films Out This Year Featuring Latinas in Leading Roles

Nicole Young
While we are 60 million strong in the U.S., those numbers don’t exactly translate to the big or small screen but progress is slowly but surely being made. In today’s entertainment industry, women of color are in control of their...