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I Love Chamoy Founder Talks Diabetes-Friendly Chamoy & the Power of Social Media

Sofía Aguilar
From traditional candies to sliced fruit coated in tajín, spice is a crucial element in many Latin American dishes. When it comes to Mexican food, chamoy and tajín with fruit are one of the tastiest trios to enjoy. But what...

Oh Comadre Candles Founder Talks Being a Breast Cancer ‘Thriver’ and Prioritizing Your Passions

Sometimes life throws you a curve ball just when you feel like you’ve hit your stride. Unexpected challenges can either make you or break you. With a healthy dose of perspective and faith in yourself and whatever you might believe...
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Bonita Fierce Candles Founder Melissa Gallardo is Celebrating Latinx Biculturalism

Shayne Rodriguez Thompson
Success often comes when we’re least expecting it. So many of us work tirelessly to achieve something — to make it. We go to school, we get a degree, and then maybe another degree, then we work full-time, and we keep...