Gift Guide: 8 Gifts for Cozy Nights this Winter Season

Cozy gift ideas for the holiday season from Latina-owned brands

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The holiday season is in full swing and we are more than ready! When we think of this season, we often think of caldo, hot chocolate, and the sound of “Mi burrito sabanero” as markers of the holidays. What also comes with the whimsical aesthetic of winter holidays is the chilly weather. During this time, whether it’s snowing outside or the air is crisp, the sound of staying cozy at home sounds like music to our ears. With the right atmosphere: candles, a warm drink and a comfy fit, a night in is the perfect way to have a good time during these winter holidays. From a pan dulce-scented candle for the homey vibes to a Walter Mercado sweatshirt to keep you warm, we have compiled some gift ideas made for mamis, amixes, homebodies, and anybody looking to have a cozy and relaxing holiday from the comfort of their home. Here are 8 gift ideas for the homebodies and just people in your life who are looking forward to the cozy nights of the holiday season.

Panaderia-Pan Dulce Candle – De La Mancha Candles Co


We all love unwinding at home after a long day with the right candle to top it off. This Panaderia-Pan Dulce candle from De La Mancha Candles Co is the perfect gift for anyone looking to give their home a touch of nostalgia. The sweet scent of a panaderia on top of the creative design, featuring polvorones and conchas, makes a beautiful addition to any space. De La Mancha Candle Co has many more of these hand poured, soy candles with scents like Horchata and Café de Olla to remind us of our culture as we cozy up at home.

Panaderia Pan Dulce Candle, $16, available on

Concha Throw Blanket – Lodesigns Shop


You can’t have cozy without a blanket to keep you warm. Latina and Black owned studio, Lodesigns Shop features this adorable, handmade concha-themed throw blanket. This throw is decorated with pink, vanilla, and chocolate conchas and is the perfect blanket for a night on the couch watching holiday movies. The bright color and aesthetic is a great gift for anyone who loves a pop of color in their home.

Concha Throw Blanket, $45, available at

Muñeca Unisex Fleece Sweatpants – Aura Heights


These unisex Muñeca sweatpants from Aura Heights are subtle yet make a statement. Available in maroon, black, and carbon grey, these sweatpants are perfect loungewear for a lazy day at home or if you want to be comfortable in la sala during the holiday gatherings. The printed “muñeca” on the pants themselves serves as a cute touch. Aura Heights also has sweatpant options with Muñec@ and Muñeco printed for any of your amixes this holiday season.

Muñeca Unisex Fleece Sweatpants, $42, available at

“No Me Veas” socks – Yay Itzel


Do you have a shy amiga? If you know someone who is not a stranger to being timida, these “No Me Veas” socks from Yay Itzel are the way to go. CEO & founder Itzel Islas—a San Diego-based graphic designer from Tijuana, México—takes inspiration from her upbringing and Mexican culture in her designs. “No me veas” means “don’t look at me” in Spanish so the socks basically speak for themselves so the wearer doesn’t have to. These pink socks adorned with a bright red rose are a fun and cute way to stay warm and make a statement this holiday season.

“No Me Veas” socks, $16, available at

Serenity Blend – Upful Blends


Afro-Latina founder Chantel Robertson created the tea brand Upful Blends to create a space of healing through carefully curated herbal tea blends. The Serenity blend is made from a variety of herbs and works to create a stress relieving, harmonious environment from within. The versatile tea blend is a go-to for unwinding as a drink or as part of your skin care routine. This—and other blends available—can be used for a cup of tea, added to baths, placed in a bowl for face steaming, or even smoked. 

Serenity Blend, $19.99, available at

Cabrona Beanie – Eladani Studio


From Eladani Studio, this Cabrona beanie embroidered in Old English font is a cute gift for anyone looking to stay warm and add something special to their winter looks. The simple, yet powerful phrase is a fun way to stay empowered through your everyday style. The Los Angeles-based shop is owned by Diana Flores who has taken after her father’s business using his tools and machines to create apparel. Eladani Studio also features beanies with different terms like “Chula” and “Greñuda” to match the vibes of any of your amigas, hermanas, or women in your life.

Cabrona Beanie (Old English), $18, available at

Horoscope Crop Pull Over – Te Lo Juro Collective


Driven by a love for their culture, the community of artists of Te Lo Juro created their collective to celebrate Latinxs with their fashion and art. Te Lo Juro Collective’s horoscope sweatshirt features all the signs surrounding the beloved astrologer and Puerto Rican icon, Walter Mercado. This nostalgic piece includes Mercado’s signature phrase “mucho mucho amor” and is also laid out across the design to remind us of his voice and positive message. The cropped pullover is just one of many other apparel items featuring the icon, one of which was featured in his Netflix documentary, Mucho Mucho Amor: The Legend of Walter Mercado.

Horoscope Crop Pullover, $40, is available to preorder at

Fuerte Heart Crew – Latina Lifters


Sinaloa-born jefa Cinthia Martinez founded Latina Lifters to create a space to represent and empower Latinas in the fitness community, meshing la cultura with their passion for lifting. This comfy crewneck is the perfect example of that. With the empowering phrase “mañana seré más fuerte” emblazoned inside a barb wire heart, this is a great way to give something cozy, empowering, and encouraging. We love that just by wearing it, whoever receives this present, will get a little reminder of their strength.

Fuerte Heart Crew, $65, is available at

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