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Why the Combination of Home and Heritage is So Important to Latino Families

Shayne Rodriguez Thompson
Sponsored by When my husband and I bought our first home, it was a major fixer upper. We had already looked at dozens of houses, but none felt quite right. The minute I saw pictures of the house we ended...
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Latinx Parenting Founder Leslie Priscilla is Changing the Narrative With #EndChanclaCulture Movement

Shayne Rodriguez Thompson
Leslie Priscilla of Latinx Parenting is determined to do her part to stop generational trauma in the Latinx community. The child development specialist and early childhood and parent educator from Santa Ana, California was moved to “be the bridge” between...

Hear From a School District Where Families Have Access to Free Multilingual Tutoring 24/7

Shayne Rodriguez Thompson
Sponsored by Paper With so much on our plates as parents, it sometimes feels like there aren’t enough hours in the day to help our kids stay on track academically. Moms work more than ever before — often, outside of...

White Wellness Culture Has Influenced The Way I’m Parenting & It’s Bittersweet

When I gave birth to my first child almost 10 years ago, none of my family seemed to understand my parenting choices. They were supportive and curious, and far more helpful than judgmental, but they noticed immediately that I was...