Why the Combination of Home and Heritage is So Important to Latino Families

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When my husband and I bought our first home, it was a major fixer upper. We had already looked at dozens of houses, but none felt quite right. The minute I saw pictures of the house we ended up buying and living in for seven years, I felt something different. When we stepped foot inside, it was an absolute mess — floors needed to be pulled up, walls needed to be torn down and some rooms needed to be completely gutted — but, I knew it was the one. It’s a certain feeling you get. 

So we took the time, we spent the money, we did the work, and though as a young, growing family at the time, we never quite finished it all, our first house always felt like the coziest place I’d ever lived in. wp_*posts

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Throughout those seven years, we welcomed so many people into our home. From family holidays and birthday parties to play dates and weeknight hangouts with other young parents in the trenches, our doors were always open.

Although it took a lot of work, it was all worth it. Ultimately, I wanted this to be a warm space with open doors and personal, authentic touches that made everyone who stepped foot inside feel comfortable. Whether we were making sancocho or pasteles as a family or screaming out heads off on Super Bowl Sunday, all the little memories in this space were special. 

We recently purchased our second home — our forever home, and while it doesn’t need quite as much work, we’re looking forward to transforming it into a place that gives us — and anyone who may visit at any time, on any day  — that special feeling of home.

That’s really what it’s all about, which is exactly why I was so thrilled to see that Lowe’s is doing a second round of the Lowe’s Hometowns initiative. Since 2021, Lowe’s has been giving back to communities across the country — from my home state of New Jersey all the way to Alaska. Through this initiative, Lowe’s is helping revitalize and restore places like community parks, animal shelters, food pantries, and beyond, so that people — and animals — all over will have communities they take pride in calling their home. 

HipLatina has partnered with Lowe’s for Hispanic Heritage Month to spotlight multi-generational contractor, Jaime Navarro and his daughter, Cassandra. Through a series of three heartfelt videos, you’ll get to learn why the combination of home and heritage is so significant to the Navarro family. 

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At the end of the day, what makes a house a home is adding personal touches that are authentic to you and to your familia’s traditions and cultures, so that you can open your doors to the ones you love and create incredible memories of your own. Stay tuned for these inspiring and heartwarming videos that are set to launch on September 26th.

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