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Karina Daza Pens Feminist Anthem ‘Mujeres Will Riot’ Inspired by Vanessa Guillén

Inspired by the tragic death of U.S. Army soldier Vanessa Guillén and the dozens of assaults on women being held at ICE detention centers, Colombian-Puerto Rican singer Karina Daza has united 14 female musicians and engineers to create a powerful new...
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10 New Albums From Latinx Artists to Look Out for in 2021

Music by Latinx artists is all over the charts these days, and with a spate of new albums on tap for some of the top names in the industry as well as some up-and-coming musicians, that shows no sign of...
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Dominican Rapper DaniLeigh Got Called Out for Colorism in ‘Yellow Bone’

Shayne Rodriguez Thompson
Dominican rapper DaniLeigh, 26, took to Instagram last week to promote her new song “Yellow Bone” and quickly incited criticism from her followers who picked up on the very obvious colorism in the song’s lyrics. The Instagram clip featured the...