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Relatable Feelings Every Mom Has During Back to School Season

Sofía Aguilar
Summer is almost over. For many kids, this means the end of pool swims, carnival rides, traveling, unlimited family visits, and freedom. For parents, it’s more bittersweet. Sure, the kids are finally out of the house but this season also...

Back to School Hacks You Need this Fall From Latina Mom Blogger Ana Cristina Enríquez

Sofía Aguilar
Family always comes first for triple-threat Ana Cristina Enríquez. The blogger of Mami Glammy, entertainment reporter and journalist, and parenting guru, the Latina mother of two has a practiced hand at keeping her kids well-fed, entertained, and free of germs....

Coronavirus: Tips for Surviving School Closures

Shayne Rodriguez Thompson
It’s official. Schools all over the United States are shutting down due to novel coronavirus. As of March 13, seven states have ordered that all schools close and many districts in other states are voluntarily closing as well. Closing schools...

5 Reasons You Don’t Need to Worry About Kids and Social Media

Jessica Molina
From sexting to cyberbullying to FOMO, social media sure has its share of negatives. But, if it’s all bad, how did 2,000 students protest their school system’s budget cuts? How are teens leading the charge against cyberbullying? How did they organize a national school walkout day to protest gun laws?...