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Cardi B Supports Lizzo Amid Racist, Fat-Phobic Reaction to Their New Single ‘Rumors’

Shayne Rodriguez Thompson
Singer/rapper/flutist and all-around confident queen Lizzo dropped her first single since 2019 and though it’s gotten love, some of the hateful comments have proven to be hurtful to the beloved artist. “Rumors” which features rapper Cardi B quickly climbed the charts,...
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‘I Hope Trump Deports You’: White Woman Threatens Puerto Rican Customer

Virginia Isaad
During a routine shopping trip at a store in Abington, Pennsylvania, Johanny Santana was verbally attacked by a racist white woman for speaking Spanish. The Puerto Rican woman was told that she should “be deported” and go back to her...
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Teacher Suspended After Telling Trump About Undocumented Students

Araceli Cruz
There’s only a handful of places where undocumented immigrants can feel safe: home, church, school, and technically speaking court. U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) is not allowed to detain, intimidate, or question undocumented immigrants at any of these places....
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Montana Border Patrol Agent Stops Latinas For Speaking Spanish—Assumes They’re Undocumented

Johanna Ferreira
It feels like every other story in the news this month—or this past week even—has been about some racist jerk who has a problem hearing Latinos speak their native language—Spanish. In fact, a Montana Border Patrol agent recently admitted to...