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Comedian Tries to Justify Dressing Up In “Brown-Face” As Yalitza Aparicio

A Mexican comedian on the show La Parodia — a televised skit program — did a parody of Yalitza Aparicio in full brown face that included a wide prosthetic nose. The actress, Yeka Rosales, and her costars did several segments in which they recreated the Oscars red-carpet and did a parody of the film Roma. It’s hard to tell whether Rosales had a full brown face in the Roma skits because it’s in black-and-white, but in both the red-carpet images and the film skit, she is wearing a wide prosthetic nose, which was really exaggerated. In the red-carpet images, Rosales’s skin is also covered in brown make-up.

After Rosales received backlash over her appalling portrayal of Aparicio, she posted several examples on her Insta-stories of other actors doing brownface impersonations. She also included an image of Shawn Wayans in White Girls, asking: “Is this racist?” Clearly, this actress is a follower and deems it okay if other people are doing offensive things. She clearly has no moral backbone, plain and simple.

I have two words for racist people who behave in foolish ways, say offensive things and attempt to justify their actions or words by saying they are not racist: common sense. To the people who dress up in blackface or brownface, who produce luxury items with blackface motifs, and who flat out are racist against others, do you have any concept of what common sense means? More importantly, do you ever stop and think before you behave in such ways?

Here’s an idea: before you want to do something idiotic that pertains to any group or community that you are not a part of, perhaps ask someone who looks nothing like you what they think. But for the people who think it’s okay to make fun of Aparicio, an incomparable actress, your insecurity is thick. Your racist tendencies against someone that is Mexican like you prove how unworthy you think of yourself. I completely understand that people of color are prejudice against people within their community based on the color of their skin and class status (it’s called colorism), but it’s still so appalling to me, especially when these culprits understand what it’s like to be discriminated against themselves. Why would they put that on someone else?

I’m not saying comedy is bad. In fact, I love a good skit, I love comedy. But when an actor portrays someone who doesn’t look anything like them and that involves drastically changing their eyes, their nose, and their skin color, that’s flat out wrong. This is why diversity in any field and industry is a must.

Enough with this racism!