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Sesame Street Tackles Prejudice Faced by Spanish Speakers in U.S.

Virginia Isaad
Sesame Street continues to strive to educate the younger generation and in order to better do that they’re working on reflecting real issues affecting kids today. They recently introduced their first Black humanoid Muppets, father and son duo Elijah and...
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10 of the Most Beloved Latin American Children’s Books

Shayne Rodriguez Thompson
Many of us Latina moms raising kids in the states often struggle with finding ways to keep the culture alive for our children who are mostly immersed in American society and inevitably relate more to that part of them. To...

10 Resources to Help You Teach Your Kids About Black History

Shayne Rodriguez Thompson
Most parents recognize the importance of Black History Month and understand why we should be putting in the extra effort to teach our kids more about historic Black figures as well as about the struggles, perspectives, accomplishments,  advancements and contributions...