Empowering Back to School Crafts for Kiddos

When your kids head back to school, that means they’re getting ready for another year of learning

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When your kids head back to school, that means they’re getting ready for another year of learning. Their education doesn’t have to end in the classroom, and there are entertaining activities you can do at home, together, to help enrich their minds. Arts and crafts are a great way to teach your child something new in a fun, interactive way, and the following are easy, creative projects they will love.  


Lightsaber Bookmark

Your child is going to have plenty of reading material, so keeping bookmarks on hand will ensure they never lose their place. With this activity, they can customize their own, and they’ll enjoy doing this more if they’re Star Wars fans. All that’s needed are craft sticks, matte and glitter craft paint in whatever colors they prefer, and toothpicks. It’s a super simple project, plus they can create as many bookmarks as they like.

Lightsaber Bookmark – Crafts by Amanda


Frida Kahlo Drawing Tutorial

If you want your child to learn more about influential Latino artists, have them try this Frida Kahlo activity that includes a drawing tutorial and printable coloring page. As they work on this, you can share facts about the painter, such as where she was born and what inspired her. It may pique their interest and encourage them to learn more about other famous artists or do more drawings of their own.  

Frida Kahlo Drawing Tutorial – Art Projects for Kids


DIY Volcano

Projects where things bubble and ooze smoke are sure to grab any child’s attention. To help advance their skills in science, try doing this build-your-own volcano with them. While it is a scientific experiment, most of the materials can be found in your kitchen. A cookie sheet, baking soda, vinegar, measuring cups, plastic spoons, and playdough are what you’ll need to gather. They’ll learn about the parts of a volcano and make it erupt!  

DIY Volcano – PBS Kids



If your little one is musically inclined, this arts and crafts project gives them the chance to make their own instrument. Also referred to as a pan flute, the panpipe has been used throughout Central and South America for centuries. It’s traditionally made of bone, cane, and other natural resources, but here, you will use straws, which are cut into various sizes. When it’s finished, your child can experiment with playing the instrument and creating different sounds.  

Panpipe – Connections Academy


Watercolor Letter Art

This is a unique and fun way to teach your child the alphabet and have them practice their writing skills. It lets them finger paint a letter on paper with petroleum jelly, then color around it using watercolors and a paintbrush. Not only does the activity engage kids’ sensory skills, they also get to witness the cool effect it produces as the paint outlines the shape of the letter they drew. Who knew learning the ABCs could be so fascinating?  

Watercolor Letter Art – Mini Monets and Mommies



For a lesson on indigenous traditions in Latin America, introduce your children to rainsticks. Natives of Chile made them with hollowed out sections of cactus and used the artifacts to call upon the rain spirits. This activity calls for a cardboard tube or empty paper towel roll, which kids can decorate however they like, construction paper, and rice or beans to fill the tube interior. They’ll enjoy listening to the rattling sound their creation produces when they shake it.   

Rainsticks – Mommy Maestra     


Fraction Flowers

Math can be a tricky subject to learn for some students, and the introduction of fractions may baffle their growing minds. Luckily, this Fraction Flowers activity makes it less scary to tackle. It uses printable sheets of fractions shaped like pies that your child can paste onto a paper plate. They can visually see how fractions up to 1/10 are divided and mix and match the colorful pieces in different ways.        

Fraction Flowers – Teach Beside Me


Taíno Petroglyphs

This DIY project teaches kiddos about the TaÍnos, the natives that inhabited parts of the Caribbean, such as Cuba, the Dominican Republic, and Puerto Rico. Your child can replicate a wide range of ancient symbols on rocks using a permanent marker, learning about an indigenous written language and exercising their drawing skills. This is also an awesome activity children can do to learn about petroglyphs from other parts of the world.   

TaÍno Petroglyphs – Booklandia


Geography With Paper Plates

If your child’s curious how a state, country, and continent differ, this project can help them understand. Cut paper plates into different sizes, from big to small, to depict the earth down to the neighborhood you live in. Kids can decorate each plate according to the place it represents. For instance, maybe they want to draw an iconic landmark that symbolizes their city. When they’re done, they can see how locations in the world fit together.

Geography with Paper Plates – In the Playroom


Create a Tornado

It’s time for you and your little one to become mad scientists, creating a tornado inside your home. Well, not literally, of course, but this nifty science experiment shows how to recreate the weather phenomenon using nothing more than a glass, water, and dish soap. Kids will be blown away witnessing how the vortex forms, transforming into a tornado. 

Create a Tornado – Rookie Parenting Science

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