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Let’s Talk About the Real History of Thanksgiving This Year

Mariela Rosario
Most people of color in the United States realize that Thanksgiving is a wildly problematic celebration of the exploitation and genocide of native peoples, yet many of us still celebrate it. For lots of people of color, Thanksgiving has become...

Murder at the Border: How the U.S. & Mexico Turn a Blind Eye to Femicide

Johanna Ferreira
There’s a famous quote by Mexican poet and human rights activist Susana Chávez Castillo that’s frequently referenced in protests against femicide: “Ni una mujer menos, ni una muerte más.” It translates to “Not one woman less, not one more death.”...

13 Fronterizo/Border Towns that Live Between Two Cultures

https://www.pinterest.com/pin/81346337008016462/ Towns situated on or near the United States/Mexico border are literally living between two countries, and two worlds. The result is a population that blends the two cultures to create a unique Chicano experience. The music, food, beliefs, and...