How One Vegan Chef Uses Indigenous Ingredients to Decolonize Mexican Food

Virginia Isaad
Chef Denise Vallejo is proud of her indigenous roots and she’s showing it by taking Mexican recipes and reintroducing them with a vegan twist that incorporates ancestral ingredients. Through her mobile kitchen, Alchemy Organica, she’s ushering a movement for people...

Decolonizing Foods: This Is How Latinas Are Reclaiming Their Ancestral Diets

Johanna Ferreira
There’s this misconception people tend to have around Latin cuisine, that it’s fried, loaded with starchy carbs, filled with beef, along with other processed meats, and smothered in grease and fat. It’s delicious, but by no means healthy. But the...

This Latina Is on a Mission to Bring Healthier, Affordable Food to More Latinx Communities

Yvette Montoya
Todo Verde has come a long way! Jocelyn Ramirez’s mission to fight for the Latino community’s access to affordable, clean foods began with smoothies and has now grown into a full on catering business.  [article_ad] Her journey started back in 2014...