‘Taina’ Star Christina Vidal Is Starring in ABC’s New Latino Family Sitcom ‘United We Fall’

I didn’t see a lot of shows growing up that reflected my experience as a Latina American. But there was one show that deeply resonated with me and if you’re a fellow Latina yourself, chances are you watched it: Nickelodeon’s Taina. The show centered around its lead character Taina, a 14-year-old Puerto Rican girl from

Photo: Instagram/unitedwefallabc

Photo: Instagram/unitedwefallabc

Both Jo and Bill have college degrees and successful careers. Jo also isn’t a traditional mom in any sense of the word. The youngest of ten siblings, Jo prides herself in being a strong role model for her kids but is also cool and sarcastic, which often becomes a conflicting matter with her extended family.

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