Your Weekly Tarotscope for December 22 – December 28, 2019


Theme of the Week: 4 of Wands

What a beautiful card to get for this week! Celebrations and moments to remember are entering in spades. While the holidays can always be considered a special time of the year, this one is exceptional. I’m hearing it isn’t going to be a run-of-the-mill holiday week. You’re taking steps towards your happiness and overall contentment. The cherry on top is that you’ll get to share it with the ones you love, whether near or far. Love knows no bounds. If there is someone across the state or country borders whom you share a heart-link with, this week they will feel that and intuitively understand it. This goes vice versa as well. You, or someone you care for, will inadvertently shout their love from the mountain tops. Even if it was never truly meant to reach the right ears or eyes, somehow, it will. And both your hearts will warm and glow. I’m feeling such familiarity and a sense of a home type of love in the heart. This is more than an infatuation. This is sweet, pure and nostalgic love. A word of caution: this also has the potential to stir up a little bit of trouble!




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