Love Edition: Your Weekly Tarotscope for February 9 – February 15, 2020 Revealed

Theme of the Week: 7 of Swords

This week, it’s all about where we’ve been and where we are going. We will not only be looking to the past for answers and insight but wondering what we are actually taking with us into our future. It can be anything from where our future is going with our current loved ones, whoever we are dating, or who we have yet to be with. Are they the right ones for us? Is this the best it’s going to get? Or did we let the right one slip through our fingers only to become “the one who got away?” It looks as if we will be thinking about love in very logical and practical terms, rather than emotional. You may have many things that you enjoy and are happy about your relationship right now, but do you long for more? Sometimes, our longing stems from a different place than we think. Rather than a place of lack, it could be from a place of trauma, a place of insecurity, ego, and the like. Be careful not to be fencing yourself in, when you could be using this as a great time of expansion.




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