Your Weekly Tarotscope for March 1 – March 7, 2020 Revealed

Theme of the Week: The Hierophant

You are being perfectly placed right now. You can make anything happen on even the slightest whim. It is as if you don’t need to take action yourself for anything to get done. There are those who are more than willing to do it for you. I’m starting to see that this could be a choice between two people — romantically for some of you — or a choice between two jobs. This could be a decision you need to make between the past and the future. But it is not about what anyone else wants in this situation, it’s all about what you want. I’m seeing that if you play your cards right, both of these options will remain for you. So, there really is no major risk involved. The only risk that lies in this situation is your approach. If you cover your eyes and point, rather than make a well-thought-out and resolute choice, a commitment will be made for you. Take control of your life. Don’t let others’ expectations dictate it for you.




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