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‘Trump Can Deport You’ Threatens Teacher to Latinx Student

In yet another instance of the threat of deportation being used against the Latinx community, a 14-year-old boy was threatened by a Texas teacher who said Trump could have him deported.

The incident happened over a dress code violation. The student didn’t wear a belt to The Barack and Michelle Obama 9th Grade Center in Lancaster, Texas and was suspended in-house since the dress code requires belts. After that, the incident occurred.

According to a text the 14-year-old student sent his mom, the teacher was upset that he responded with “Yeah” instead of “Yes, sir” during a conversation. He then reportedly asked whether his parents were U.S. citizens and if he knew about 14th Amendment, which granted citizenship to anyone born in the U.S. He then showed him a coin that read “ICE” on one side and the other side read “U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement.”


“He told him, ‘Even though you are a citizen, Trump is working on a law where he can deport you, too, because of your mom’s status,’” his mother told CBS DFW. She’s a citizen (and chose to remain anonymous fearing retaliation) but her son now reportedly fears they can be deported. According to the district superintendent, the teacher is no longer an employee at that school.

“The staff member was placed on administrative leave, pending further investigation. Lancaster ISD does not support, nor will we tolerate behavior that promotes division,” Elijah Granger, the superintendent of Lancaster Independent School District (ISD) said in a statement to Yahoo Lifestyle.

Located in the southern Dallas County, Lancaster’s population is about 40,000 with 25.2 percent of its population are White and 19 percent of its population is Latinx, as of July 2018 according to the U.S. Census.

After a school board meeting on Thursday the district will implement programs and committees to promote inclusivity in school, Yahoo reports.

But the threat lingers for the young boy who is likely aware of the current administration’s policies against immigrants and recent ICE raid, which was also the largest single-day raid in history.

“Basically, he was afraid. You show him this ICE thing. He doesn’t know what that is. All he knows, he knows what’s going on right now,” his mother said.

Earlier this summer a white woman told a Puerto Rican woman that she hoped Trump would deport her, a Puerto Rican manager was told to “go back to Mexico” by customers who overheard him speaking in Spanish.

These are just some examples of how Trump’s rhetoric and actions against immigrants have only spurred those who are ignorant and racist to feel like they can verbally assault anyone who is Latinx and it’s not okay.