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Teen Staged Her Quince Outside of Her Father’s Detention Center and Prepare To Tear

We’ve been hearing some devastating stories ever since the Trump administration launched their zero-tolerance policy for crossing the border illegally. Thousands of families have been separated at the border. One woman even had her baby taken away while she was breastfeeding. But with all the upsetting news that’s been circling around, there’s always a few inspiring stories to help keep our spirits high during this very difficult political time, like the 15-year-old Latina who decided to stage her quinceañera outside of the detention center her father has been detained at.

The unidentified teen’s father has been detained by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) since March 2017. Because she knew her father wasn’t going to be able to attend her quince, she brought the party to him—right outside the facility where he’s been held.

It was very important for her to have her dad there at her quinceañera, as it is for a lot of young women—I totally get that. Not to mention, it must have been difficult enough for her to have her dad living at a detention facility for over a year now, with no clue as to if or not he would eventually get deported outside of the country. What’s really unfair, is the fact that her father Raúl López has been living in the states for nearly three decades and was separated last year from his wife and four kids after being caught driving under the influence.

The young teen showed up to the facility wearing a pretty poufy pink gown and a crown. She arrived with her chambelán and the two danced right outside of the facility with a supported crowd watching—many holding signs protesting against the Trump administration’s cruel and merciless immigration system.

In the video we don’t actually get to see the teen’s father, Raúl López. So we don’t know if he actually got to see the dance or even his daughter, which makes the video that much more emotional. I recommend having a box of tissues with you before watching this video because it literally had me in tears.

If there’s one thing this teen has taught me though, is that we can’t give up. Even in the midst of a storm we have to keep on fighting and trust that a rainbow will eventually come out on the other side.

Watch the full video below!