Telemundo Is Developing An ‘Ugly Betty’ Reboot In Spanish

If you were a fan of the television show Ugly Betty, which starred America Ferrera — then you’re going to love this news

If you were a fan of the television show Ugly Betty, which starred America Ferrera — then you’re going to love this news. Telemundo has just announced they are developing a new version of Ugly Betty but in Spanish. But before we get into that, we should note that the story of Ugly Betty originates from the first incarnation of this character in Yo soy Betty, la fea in 1999. The series went on to launch other shows based on Betty including La Fea Más Bella.  So how will this show be any different?

Telemundo says that Betty in New York (a working title) is “the modern retelling of the ground-breaking story, Yo soy Betty, la fea.” According to Deadline, the “show centers on Beatriz Aurora Rincon Lozano, a young climber who takes a job at V&M Fashion as secretary to the company president. A teaser reel showed her walking through New York’s Times Square, marveling in a voiceover, ‘Who would’ve thought I’d end up here, after all the chaos I created?’

While the teaser and the name are in english, the show will be in Spanish and Remezcla reports that they are looking to cast a Latina for this role. (We’d hope so!)

“Hispanics are a growing cultural, political and economic powerhouse influencing every aspect of our country. This is a young, social and mobile segment that is increasingly setting trends, influencing pop culture and becoming the new mainstream, representing the single-largest growth opportunity for corporate America,” said Cesar Conde, Chairman, NBCUniversal International Group and NBCUniversal Telemundo Enterprises. “Telemundo is the only media company that has kept pace with Hispanics’ changing demands and needs as avid media consumers. Hispanic media consumption is no longer about habit, it’s about choice, and Telemundo is now both the choice and voice of the Latino of today.”

So from all this we gather that this new reboot will basically be Ugly Betty but in Spanish. So we remain somewhat intrigued. We just hope this new-ish version of Betty (and the characters on this show) are more woke than we’ve seen her before. This show needs a fresh take on what it’s like to be career-minded woman that won’t back down just because she’s female or Latina, and who will certainly not sacrifice it all just for a man.


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