Texas Rep. Veronica Escobar Delivers Rebuttal to Trump’s Speech in Spanish

We’re living in a perfect America

Photo: Wikimedia/U.S. House Office of Photography/House Creative Services

Photo: Wikimedia/U.S. House Office of Photography/House Creative Services

We’re living in a perfect America. That was the message this evening by President of the United States Donald Trump during his State of the Union (SOTU) Address. For more than thirty minutes, Trump went on to proclaim that all is well in the U.S., But the House of Congress was once again divided. While the Republicans stood up and applauded everything Trump said, the Democrats just sat there. It was a sight to witness many female Democrats wearing white, including Speaker of the United States House of Representatives Rep. Nancy Pelosi. The all-white dresses and suits were in honor of the suffrage movement.

Although many Representatives chose to skip the SOTU because the House of Congress impeached Trump, Texas Rep. Veronica Escobar was selected to give a rebuttal to his speech and did so in Spanish.

Rep. Escobar addressed many issues that pertain not only to the Latinx community but all communities. She addressed the need for a proper healthcare system that is built for everyone not just the privileged. She said that Trump created two Americas, one where the one percent thrives and another where the community is struggling to survive.

She went on to say that Democrats are fighting for working families and helping to create millions of jobs in infrastructure. Rep. Escobar noted that we cannot have another four years of inaction when it comes to climate change. Rep. Escobar also addressed the shooting in her home state of El Paso and that the shooter carried out an attack that was influenced by Trump. She added that Democrats understand the fight against gun violence is a fight of life and death.

Rep. Escobar said that Trump doesn’t care about the Latino community, and it shows by policies against Dreamers and separation of families at the border. She finished her speech by saying that the worse threat that the Latino community faces is a leader and a Republican party that only work for their own self-interest.

Elected in 2018, Escobar made history as one of two Latinas to represent Texas and took over the seat that was previously filled by Beto O’Rourke. While Escobar is still a freshman in Congress, she has been incredibly vocal about violence against Latinos and advocating for families separated at the border.

Listen to her speech below.

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