Tayshia Adams
Photo: ABC/Kwaku Alston
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Tayshia Adams is the Afro-Latina Bachelorette

When Clare Crawley was first announced to be the next Bachelorette, she became the first Latina on the show, and as a result of her early departure, the “The Bachelorette” will now feature the first-ever Afro-Latina lead. As Crawley’s and Dale Moss’ love story came to an end on the show with their speedy engagement, now Tayshia Adams embarks on her search for love. Adams is no stranger to the franchise having first appeared in the 23rd season of “The Bachelor” which abruptly ended and later she appeared in “Bachelor in Paradise” where a relationship developed but did not last.

So following the sudden Crawley/Moss engagement on just episode 4 of the new season, Adams is taking over and also making Bachelor Nation history herself as the first Afro-Latina bachelorette and the first-ever mid-season replacement in either “The Bachelor” or “The Bachelorette”. She’s just the second Black woman to lead the show following in the historic footsteps of season 13 star Rachel Lindsay.

Adams is a native of Orange County, California who is half-Mexican and was previously married in 2016 before they split up a year later. In true Latina fashion, she recently shared with Jimmy Kimmel that she saged the Bachelorette suite that Crawley and Moss shared once she took over. The 30-year-old is the co-host of pop culture podcast  “Click Bait with Bachelor Nation,” which launched in October of this year, and previously worked as a phlebotomist. Her parents are Rosario and Desmond Adams and they’ve been married for 32 years according to a press release, she also has three siblings: Desmond Jr., Brice, and Dominique.

The inclusion of Adams as only the second Black woman and first Afro-Latina in the show’s nearly 20-year history indicates some progress — however slow — is being made toward diversity. Adams previously shared what it meant to see Lindsay on the show and that she was part of the reason she was willing to take the lead.

“I’m from Orange County, California, so this is my world. And what I mean by that is I am very used to being the minority and so seeing someone on TV have such a strong role and identify with me meant so much,” she told People, adding, “Having her go on The Bachelorette and actually have success — she found her man — it was a huge inspiration to see her do this,” she said. “And she was one of the bigger reasons why I was comfortable to go on the show.”