The Coolest Tech For Your Best Vacation Yet

Vacations are great, but vacations where you actually pack all the things you’d need are better

Photo: Unsplash/@ethanrobertson

Photo: Unsplash/@ethanrobertson

Vacations are great, but vacations where you actually pack all the things you’d need are better. Tech may not be the first thing you think of when planning a relaxing getaway, but it can certainly take your vaca from one to 100 real fast. Here, the best gadgets and accessories to have in your bag.

The Nikon D3400

Photo: Courtesy of Nikon

If you’re on the hunt for a new camera for long-lasting memories, the Nikon D3400 should top the list. It’s light and compact and can fit in your bag easily, while also giving you tips on taking the best shots while you’re out and about. Plus, you can easily share your photos using the built-in Wifi and Bluetooth.

Starting at $500,


Away Luggage

Photo: Courtesy of Away Travel

You might not think of a carry-on as tech, but when it features an ejectable battery to charge your phone up to five times on one single charge, you’ll rethink that stance. With a hard cover to keep things protected and a lifetime guarantee, it’s time to upgrade your luggage.



Mobile Charger

Photo: Courtesy of Mobile Charger

This mobile charger features a slim profile to throw in your bag with little room sacrificed, plus it’s pretty cute, no?

$35, Mobile Charger


Electric Toothbrush

Photo: Courtesy of Quip

The perfect travel toothbrush is shockingly an electric one. Powered by AAA batteries (no heft mobile charging unit to bring), with a holder that doubles as a cover for transit, this little guy is a great addition to your travel bag and daily routine. (And it comes in cool colors.)



Mobile Speaker

Photo: Courtesy of Wonderboom

This portable (and floating!) speaker is key for beach hangs, getting ready in the hotel, singing in the shower…you get the gist.

$100, Wonderboom Speaker


International Outlet Adapter

Photo: Courtesy of Amazon

A must in any travel bag, stash this colorful one in your bag and never have an issue traveling overseas again. (Plus the USB outlets are clutch.)


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