Photo: Unsplash/@kalineri

The Hoodwitch Has Partnered with Smashbox on a Crystal-Inspired Beauty Line

If you’re a spiritual Latina who is all about palo santo, tarot card readings, and crystal healing, chances are you’ve heard of Bri Luna, better known as The Hoodwitch. The Seattle-based, Afro-Mexicana grew up in Los Angeles and was inspired by her own family’s spiritual lineage. Spirituality had always been a big part of her life and her upbringing, with her Abuela having been a traditional Mexican spiritual healer. After deciding to try to make magical culture more accessible and inclusive, Luna has since made a name for herself on a mainstream level. On her site, she offers everything from information to spiritual items like crystals, tarot cards, palo santo, and sage. This past fall she partnered with Refinery29 + 29 Rooms on a spiritual and immersive art installation. Around that same time, she also collaborated with the Levi’s Tailor Shop and Happy Noise, offering public tarot card readings during the launch event. But now she’s tapping into the beauty world with Smashbox Cosmetics on a crystal-inspired makeup collection and we are hyped!

Both Smashbox and Luna have shared posts about crystals on their Instagram, hinting at a collaboration. Smashbox shared their first teaser post on Sunday, which featured a crystal video clip that read “I AM SEEN” with the caption: “We see something +bright” in your not-too-distant-future. Stay tuned @thehoodwtich #GetCrystalized.” Tagging The Hoodwitch made it clear that beauty magic is definitely being made. But their second post was all the confirmation we needed.


A photo of a hand with rose quartz crystals strategically placed on the palm while rocking Luna’s signature long nails said it all. The caption though is what really gave it all away. “Are you ready for a transformative new collaboration? #GetCrustalized #regram @thehoodwitch,” it read.

But wait, it gets better. There’s a landing page on smashbox.com confirming that the collection will be coming soon — tomorrow to be exact. Some folks have even gone ahead and pre-ordered already and we can’t blame them. The 16-product collection features everything from crystalized primer waters, to a crystalized highlighter, crystalized shimmer drops, and shimmery lip glosses and eyeshadow palettes. We’re expecting really cool packaging on these too. 

So get ready to set your reminders ladies. A makeup collection that can also help you tap into your inner bruja? How can we say no to that.