5 Things We’re Looking Forward to in the New ‘Party of Five’

Freeform is rebooting Party of Five, this time with an all Latinx cast and decidedly Latinx premise and I am here for it. Premiering January 8, the show follows the five Acosta children after they are de facto orphaned when their parents are deported. In fact, if you’re ready to start crying, watch the siblings say goodbye to their parents at the detention center in the extended sneak peek:

Now that I’ve wiped my tears, I have questions. I see that oldest brother Emilio wasn’t born in the states. How will the politics around DREAMERs affect him? Also, will they always explain the simplest Spanish (see the dad saying “Tienes que ser fuerte, fuerte. You have to be strong” like he’s not just repeating himself)? Older sister Lucia is clearly the fighter/firebrand a la Neve Campbell — what sort of trouble will she get us into?

I’m also muy excited — there’s so much to look forward to! Check out the 5 things we can’t wait to see in the upcoming Party of Five!




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