Effective Treatments for Autism Can Make a Huge Difference

When a child comes into the world we dream about their future

Photo: Unsplash/@guillaumedegermain

Photo: Unsplash/@guillaumedegermain

When a child comes into the world we dream about their future. In the first year of life, we observe every new thing our baby does and take videos and pictures of everything. But what happens when your beautiful baby does not smile or look at the camera when you take a picture? You ask the doctor and your mother if you should be concerned and everybody tells you not to worry. Suddenly your baby stops progressing; the few words he used to say are forgotten. He is not interested in playing with you and he does not play with his toys.  

You know something is really wrong. Doctors tell you they suspect Autism. You do multiple tests but the majority come out negative. You start speech therapy, occupational therapy and everything they tell you to do and you see only small improvements. Your life is turned around and all your time is dedicated to take him to doctors. You try to keep everything under control, but you feel exhausted, you aren’t getting any answers, and you need to help your beautiful baby.

These are the stories I hear daily in my office and what inspires me everyday to try to be a better doctor. Autism is a chronic medical condition but with the appropriate treatment it can improve to the point that the symptoms disappear and the patient can live a successful and happy life. Living with a child with autism is all about perseverance, hard work, self-education, strong will, hope, and never giving up.

The Wellness Institute of Neurodevelopment is a place where we work together with the parents to change the outcome. Alana was a beautiful 24-month-old baby girl that came to our clinic unable to talk or engage with her parents. She seemed to be in her own world. We started treatment and in six months she was talking in sentences, smiling, hugging and kissing like any other two year old. She is four now and she finished her treatment more than a year ago. Recently, she asked her mother to bring her for a visit because she wanted to say hi to her beloved teacher and friend. It was so special to see her doing so well and seeing her mother and grandmother so happy. I have hundred of stories like this, not all improve so fast, but we see happy endings very frequently. Every child and adult deserves maximum effort and that is the WIN promise: Failure is not an option.

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