These YouTube Videos Will Teach You How to Make Easy DIY Holiday Decor

Is it even the holidays if you haven’t decorated your home?! Right after we’re done eating the Thanksgiving turkey and all its accompanying sides, we are ready to pull out all the ornaments and decor, and welcome in the season of Christmas, Hanukkah, and Kwanzaa

Photo: Unsplash

Photo: Unsplash

Is it even the holidays if you haven’t decorated your home?! Right after we’re done eating the Thanksgiving turkey and all its accompanying sides, we are ready to pull out all the ornaments and decor, and welcome in the season of Christmas, Hanukkah, and Kwanzaa. We need this holiday cheer in 2020, now more than ever.

While you no doubt already have some tried-and-true, classic holiday decorations, it’s always fun to stock up on more fab finds to make your home feel cozy and bright. But, you don’t have to head to the stores for ready-made decor–you can easily make great holiday stuff yourself! We found 10 great YouTube videos from creators, showing how to make gorgeous DIY holiday decor using inexpensive materials.

DIY Concha Ornaments MEXICAN PAN DULCE, by The Crafty Chica

Who doesn’t want to learn how to make adorable concha ornaments?! The Crafty Chica shows us how in this quick and easy DIY video. Why not make these with your friends and familia via a crafty Zoom hangout?!


20 Dollar Tree DIY Christmas Decorations & Ideas for 2020, by Glue Guns & Roses

There are endless cool videos on YouTube showing you how to take $1 items from stores like Dollar Tree, and turning them into beautiful, high-end decor. It’s easy and so affordable! This video from Glue Guns & Roses shares a whopping 20 DIYs using items from Dollar Tree, like how to make a pretty wreath, a festive reindeer, a fun snowman, a buffalo plaid “Noel” sign, and more..


DIY | Holiday Decorations (Cute & Easy!!!), by WhatsUpMoms

Making holiday decor yourself at home is a fun way for moms to have quality time with the kids. It’ll be cool for them to make something that ends up being showcased in the house for the season. In this video by WhatUpMoms, you’ll learn how to make “cute and easy” DIY projects, including great-smelling cinnamon-stick candles, and a “winter wonderland in a glass vase.”


5 EASY Scandinavian Inspired Christmas Decor Ideas, by Katie Dianne

Scandinavian style is popular and timeless, because it features soothing neutral colors and natural materials, has clean lines, and is minimalist. It’s what you want in decor, without anything extra. And you can translate this Scandi style into your holiday decor. In this video from Katie Dianne, she will show you how to make Scandinavian-inspired Christmas decor, such as a twig ornament, “greenery” candles, and a natural wall hanging.


10 DIY CHRISTMAS ORNAMENTS – Cheap + Aesthetic (2019), by Lone Fox

Trees are taken to the next level with wonderful ornaments. It’s great to buy some of the beautiful options that are unveiled every year in stores, but there’s something sentimental and special about the ornaments that are made by family. This YouTube tutorial by Lone Fox will show you how to make 10 cute DIY ornaments, that look like a gingerbread cookie, a fox, a snowman, and more.


DIY Minimalist Christmas Decorations | Christmas 2017, by The Style Insider

Color is great, but have you seen holiday decor that shines through it’s stark absence of color? The chilly silvers and whites? It can be just as eye-catching as a bunch of red, green, and plaid. This minimalist Christmas decor DIY video from The Style Insider let’s you bring the snowy vibe indoors, with white potted candles, white and black bunting, and more. Things like holiday sprigs, pine cones, and cinnamon add just the right amount of color from nature.


DIY Christmas Decorations ~ Easy Christmas Decor ~ Christmas Decorations DIY ~ Holiday Decor, by White Cottage Company

White Cottage Company brings us this easy DIY video on how to make Christmas decorations. You’ll learn how to make your own snow globe, cute ornaments, a lighted picture frame cube, and more. Try out these DIYs as a fun weekend activity with your household!


Modern Dollar Store DIY Christmas Decor Ideas, by Love Create Celebrate

Want to learn how to make six modern holiday decor projects, using items from the Dollar Store? Then watch this DIY video by Love Create Celebrate. In it, you’ll learn how to upgrade a gold X-mas tree to chic black; make 3-D felt Christmas trees; a cozy, textured tree skirt; and more.


DIY Christmas Decor Ideas You’re Going To Want To Save!, by Ashleigh Lauren

Ashleigh Lauren shares 14 fabulous neutral Christmas decor ideas in this DIY tutorial. Elegant glass Christmas tree cloches, a cute twine reindeer wearing buffalo plaid ribbon scarf, a “light up house wood sign,” and more await you in this how-to video.


EASY DIY Dollar Tree Christmas Wreath / Wreath Tutorial 2018 / Traditional Christmas Wreath, by Ramon – at HOME

Wreaths are gorgeous, but they can be crazy expensive. You can add that welcoming pop of the holidays to your door for way less by doing it yourself. In this how-to video by Ramon – at HOME, he will show you how to make a beautiful wreath, using items from Dollar Tree, like plaid ribbon, metallic ornaments, and faux poinsettias. You’ll get same fabulous holiday wreath look–for a fraction of the cost.

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