8 Things To Tell Your Partner That Will Make Your Relationship Stronger

Loving things to tell your partner HipLatinaThe world loves to tell us how badly we need to be in a relationship but not so much how to actually keep a long-term one alive and healthy. The way I see it — dating is like grocery shopping. It’s the easiest part of the gig. Getting engaged is like paying the bill (and desperately wishing there were coupons to pay for the insanely high wedding expenses!)

And finally marriage is about dragging the groceries up the stairs, unpacking them in your kitchen and cooking the best meal of your life. No matter how challenging the recipes may be, or how unprepared you feel — you stay in the heat, chop through the sweat and work your ass off until it’s done. It’ll be one of the hardest things you’ve ever done in your life, which is why couples who make quality ingredients a part of their grocery list during dating — respect, trust, gratitude, honesty, etc. — tend to make some of  the most long lasting relationships on the planet.

And to gain those ingredients, you’ve gotta do a little work. Inserting the phrases below as often as you can will help build the shopping cart for a long lasting, warm hearted, and successful relationship.




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