3 Things to Check Your White Feminist Friends On

While recently on the hunt for a co-working space, I reached out to one of my professional freelance friends for guidance on the best place to work with other progressive, entrepreneurial millennials. As I listed out a few options, she commented on one matter-of-factly, “Oh, yes, that’s where the white feminists go.”

That’s where the white feminists go. The weight of her commentary was understood, because somehow in a country that has successfully reached a fever pitch of outrage about all the oppressive things, we still have the racial constructs obstructing our activism. It is time to dismantle the counterproductive concept of “white feminism” and for white women to collectively adopt intersectional feminism. And to do that, white women must first check themselves using some of the following criteria:


Put Your Resources to Work for the Advancement of WOC

Beyond being the buzzword of the decade, privilege is an active and daily contributor to the lives of white women. Historically, white women have been paid, protected, and promoted over women of color for centuries, despite having never done anything different or more deserving to warrant it. It continues to happen today (see: Adele’s 2017 Grammy win over Beyonce, in which she herself admitted that privilege was at play). Thus white women doing the work should always ensure that they are leveraging their resources and privilege to pull up women of color who have been overlooked. Adele’s speech is a historic case study for this.




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