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#ThirstyThursdays: Our 5 Favorite Iconic Drinks from Decades Past

The Sixties

The Sidecar: A tasty combination of cognac,  triple sec, and lemon juice hits the right amount of sweet and savory. It’s difficult not to feel classy while sipping on this golden hued treat-usually coming in a sugar rimmed glass.


Put on some liquid liner, and get ready to have a Mad-Men themed party.

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The Seventies

A Harvey Wallbanger: This cocktail I picked mostly because of the name (it is endlessly entertaining), but it also a delicious gin-based drink. It’s gin, orange juice, bitters, and Galliano. But the combo of gin and orange juice carries a surprisingly refreshing bite.


So, hit the disco with this one (and maybe look up who Harvey Wallbanger is, because this guy sounds like someone we should get to know).

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The Eighties

The Mudslide: I have memories of my aunt making mudslides when I was around five and not being able to drink them. I remember thinking why can’t I have some of that milkshake?


Turned out it was made of Vodka, Kahlúa, Baileys, and ice cream. Eighties cocktails get a bad rep most of the time—and sure, these are super sweet, but oh, so delicious.

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The Nineties

The Cosmo: Although it was created in the ’30s, this fruity, and colorful martini saw a revival in the early nineties—yes, even before Carrie Bradshaw made the drink immortal. It’s got vodka, triple sec, cranberry juice, and lime juice.


This cocktail may not be grunge, but if you say you don’t like it, I’ll think you’re lying.

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The 2000s

The Penicillin: Created in 2005 in NYC by Australian native Sam Ross, this smokey and spicy drink has been one of the most influential of the decade. It’s got blended scotch, an islay single malt scotch, lemon juice, honey, and ginger.


This drink sounds like a classic that is here to stay and I wonder why it hasn’t gained wider popularity yet. Sign us up for this beast!

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