Photo: Unsplash/@jassirjonis

11 Throwback Photos of Latina Celebs Rocking Their Natural Curls

Latinas have been rocking their natural curls forever, but unfortunately, there aren’t a lot of websites where we can see several Latina celebs of yesteryear in one place. We got you. We have compiled a collection of badass Latinx actresses and singers who proudly rocked their curls in all their glory.

Beatriz Michelena in the ’10s

Beatriz Michelena was a Venezuelan-American actress who appeared on the stage and in silent films. This photo, from 1918, shows Beatriz sporting soft curls that were popular at the time.

Raquel Torres in the ’30s

Mexicana Raquel Torres, and her sister Renee, were Hollywood actresses. Raquel appeared in films from 1928 to her retirement in 1935. She is pure Old Hollywood glam in this photo, in an on-trend hairstyle that features waves that extend into curls.

Lilia Prado in the ’40s

Lilia Prado, another Latina actress of Old Hollywood, is seen here in a 1940s hairstyle featuring voluminous curls. The Mexicana (who was also a dancer) was a star of Mexican cinema and a sex symbol, starring opposite Cantinflas in the film El analfabeto.

Candita Quintana in the ’40s

Afro-Cubana Candita Quintana was a legend of Cuban theater and a film actress. In this photo, most likely from the 1940s, she lets her curls, accented with flowers, flow.

Rita Moreno in the ’50s

We have been following Rita Moreno, and her hairstyles, for decades now. In this photo, most likely from the 1950s, she is seen sporting longer curls and bangs.

Lola Falana in the ’70s

Afro-Cuban singer, dancer, actress, and model Lola Falana is known as the First Lady of Vegas. She let her curls shine in this photo before a 1971 performance, proudly showing off her afro.

Raquel Welch in the ’70s

Bolivian actress and singer Raquel Welch was not messing around when she decided to sport big curls. The volume in her 1970s rizos is the stuff of legend.

Gloria Estefan in the ’80s

Remember when Cubana Gloria Estefan first hit the music scene? Her hair was epic — big, curly, and so natural. We loved it!

Mariah Carey in the ’90s

Afro-Venezuelan Mariah Carey also sported her natural curls when she dropped her first albums in the ’90s. While we love all of Mariah’s hairstyles, we would love to see more of her curly looks!

Jennifer Lopez in the ’90s

Curls were released left and right during the ’90s! When she was a Fly Girl on In Living Color, and during the beginning stages of her career, the Nuyorican sported dark hair and her natural voluminous curls. We def want to see J-Lo rock her natural hair more in 2019!

Rosie Perez in the ’90s

Afro-Nuyorican Rosie Perez also let her curls bounce during the 1990s, whether it was in films like White Men Can’t Jump, and Untamed Heart, or on the red carpet.