Cardi B Loves Tiger King & Wants Joe Exotic Out of Jail

If you have not seen “Tiger King” on Netflix, please stop reading this right now

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If you have not seen “Tiger King” on Netflix, please stop reading this right now. We feel bad that you have yet to experience the horror and greatness that is these 7-hourlong episodes that have changed our lives forever. If you have seen this magical real-life program, then you are either team Joe Exotic or team Carole Baskin (or maybe just team wildlife). Most people, such as Kim Kardashian and Cardi B, are rooting for Joe Exotic. But please be aware, spoiler alerts ahead. 

There’s no denying that after watching this documentary, you have some strong feelings about Joe Exotic being locked up. Does he deserve to be there? Should Carole Baskin be behind bars too? Cardi B, who’s sheltering in place, just like us, has been live-tweeting while watching “Tiger King” and there’s no doubt she thinks Carole Baskin is hiding something and also wondering her burned down the studio. Yes, she has a lot of thoughts, and the main one is that she wants to free Joe Exotic. 

Cardi B shared her feelings on Twitter and told her followers that she was willing to help Joe Exotic get freed from prison. She tweeted, “Bout to start a gofundme account for Joe. He shall be free.” Could Cardi really raise money to provide proper legal counsel to get Joe Exotic out of jail? GoFundme said, hell no. 

TMZ asked a GoFundme rep if people could raise money to help support people like Joe Exotic, and they said that their platform could not be used “to fund the defense of inmates convicted of violent crimes, plain and simple.” They also report that a GoFundme campaign, not associated with Cardi B, launched to help Joe Exotic and even raised $100, but they were soon shut down. 

Now Cardi B is saying she wasn’t really looking to raise money for the locked up animal keeper. She tweeted this week, “Omg, I was just playing. I do love him tho, and he deff needed better representation. here Kitty Kitty.”

So for those of you wondering, Joe Exotic is still in prison serving a 22-year sentence. However, the former zookeeper has filed a $94 million lawsuit claiming that his rights have been violated

According to People magazine, “In the lawsuit, [Joe Exotic] alleges that government entities targeted him by putting a ‘generic animal’ — a tiger — on the endangered species list, which allowed them to file charges against him to promote their alleged ‘animal rights agenda.'”

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