Meet the Viral Father/Mija Duo Taking Over TikTok & Get Inspired by Their Summer Routine

Sponsored by Summertime is here! For many of us, that means longer days, more time with family and friends, fun activities, and maybe even a vacation

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Summertime is here! For many of us, that means longer days, more time with family and friends, fun activities, and maybe even a vacation. Spending more time outdoors and soaking up all that Vitamin D feels great, but the high temps can admittedly get a little rough. Finding ways to stay fresh all summer long is a must, so we turned to one of our favorite TikTok families, The Salgueros, for some inspiration on how to stay fresh this summer with some super fun tips –  including some delicious and refreshing drinks from the Starbucks Summer Menu.

Hit Up The Starbucks Drive-Thru

If you need to cool off in the middle of a hot summer day, the Starbucks drive-thru should be your first stop. We recommend trying the new Mango Dragonfruit Lemonade or Pineapple Passionfruit Starbucks Refreshers® drinks. The tropical flavors are light and vibrant, and remind us of all the tasty fruits we grew up enjoying in our own Latinx households.

Cool Off With Some Water Games


Excuse the weird sounds 😭 #waterchallenge #fyp #dadchallenge

♬ Alex Briones PAYASO DE RODEO TREND – Alex Briones

Water games aren’t just for little kids! If there’s one time to indulge in some fun TikTok challenges, it’s summer — especially if there’s water involved. Give the TikTok water challenge a try to stay fresh this summer, and perhaps even add a little twist like the Salguero Family did. Loser gets sprayed down. That’s one way to cool off!

Have an At-Home Spa Day


Vamos con todo selecta 🔥🇸🇻 San Jose! Hope to see you there on 4/24! Tickets via link in bio! #skincare #fyp #laselecta

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An at-home spa day can be so refreshing after a long day at work, especially during the summer months. The Salguero Fam likes to do facials at home, which sounds awesome, especially if you use cooling skincare products that will help you stay fresh throughout the evening. Start by washing all that summer grime off your face, do a nice facial peel or mask, and enjoy your Pineapple Passionfruit Starbucks Refreshers® drink while you wait. The tropical flavors will make you feel like you’re on a beach vacation any day!

Treat Yourself to all Las Frutas


Reply to @just_4_laughs_94 EXACTLY 1 MINUTE 😭🔥 #newchallenge #fyp #fruitsalad

♬ Oye Mi Canto (with Tego Calderon, Nina Sky, Gemstar, Big Mato) – N.O.R.E. & Tego Calderón & Nina Sky & Gemstar & Big Mato

You might not be able to whip up a fresh fruit salad as quickly as Chef Fresh, but however long it takes, it’ll be worth it. There’s nothing like a bowl of fresh fruit in the summertime. It’s the perfect and delicious summer snack that will help you cool down and stay fresh. Or, if the kitchen’s not where you thrive, head over to Starbucks to try the delicious fruits in the Starbucks Refreshers® drinks!

Eat All the Latinx Snacks


He did pitbull so wrong 😭 LMAOOO Follow our INSTA 🙂 #frutaloca #fyp #hesback

♬ Pa Que Te Lo Gozes – Tego Calderón

Seriously, Latinx snacks are the best. They almost always involve fresh fruit, which as we’ve already mentioned, is the best thing to eat in the summertime. This piña recipe from Chef Fresh that’s topped with candy, chamoy and chili-lime seasoning looks out of this world. It screams summer! Plus, it’s always fun to try a new recipe when you have some extra time on your hands.

Enjoy Some Family Fun Time & Create New Memories Together

One of the very best things about summer is that we often get to spend extra time bonding with family. Take advantage of any holidays off or vacation time you might have and do something fun with your family. The Salguero Fam loves spending quality time and creating new memories by trying new things together such as the new summer Starbucks Refreshers® drinksNow more than ever, we could all use some time to prioritize the people we love, and the Salguero Family reminds us to do just that. Seeing the special relationship that Diana and José share as a father-daughter duo and watching them bond while creating content that honors their Latinx traditions and heritage is so inspiring. Every video makes us want to have some fun with the ones we love, stay fresh, and of course, try out some of the delicious Starbucks drinks they enjoy together, like the summer Starbucks Refreshers® drinks. Check out some of the Salguero Fam’s favorite ice-cold Starbucks Refreshers® drinks here, gather together with your familia and check out the Salgueros on TikTok for a good laugh.

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