Tips to Supercharge Your Side Hustle

These days we all need a little ‘side hustle’

Photo: Unsplash/@r1990

Photo: Unsplash/@r1990

These days we all need a little ‘side hustle’. It’s best to find a side hustle that takes advantage of our skills without compromising our day jobs.

We inspired by Nely Galan and the Adelante Movement that helps small business women succeed. Being a full time entreprenuer is not for everyone, but you can take baby steps toward financial independence. I’ll be the first to admit I find myself at times sitting in bed surfing Insta, cruising Facebook, and even taking selfies for Snap. It turns out that you can convert that hour (ahem) into a little cash for your next lip-gloss or next yoga class.

Can you imagine, FINALLY someone who will actually pay for your opinion from the privacy of your home? There are some reputable compaines who value your perspectives on products, services, prefernces, and the like. Here are few tips:

  1. Be cautious and research the best fit for you.
  2. All that glitters may not be gold. Never pay for a survey site. Any legitimate survey service should never ask you for a sign up fee.
  3. Complete Your Profile Properly
  4. Sign Up for Paid Surveys Actively
  5. Check Your Surveys Daily
  6. Be Proactive and Act fast
  7. Stay Connected
  8. Track Your Progress
  9. Don’t Give Up Easily
  10. Have Fun!

Oue friends at Telemundo asked us to introduce HipLatina to thier new insights gathering community for programming and preferences.

They are offering 100 bonus points (worth $10) just for getting started and will send you gift cards as you accumulate points for responding to survey via email. Be sure to click on the activation link within your email after you sign up to claim your points and get started at your convenience.

This was my side hustle that has grown to be my full time passion hustle. So, yep its a sponsored article.

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