7 Effective Ways to Recover From a Tough Workout

Whether you like taking bootcamp, a dance class, or going for a run, one thing for sure is recovery is important. Recovery is the key to reducing the chance of injuries, keeping you healthy, and helping you regenerate your muscles in order to come back stronger and ready for your next workout.  There are many ways to approach recovery such as focusing on your nutrition, foam rolling to release muscle tightness or even getting a deep tissue massage. As I’ve been going through my marathon training journey I’ve learned the importance of putting recovery first as much as I do my daily runs. Without it, I wouldn’t be able to perform well or even make it to the starting line of my upcoming race. There are various ways to approach recovery and often times combining two different techniques can help you achieve relief quicker than sticking to one method. Check out some of the best ways to get relief ASAP after a grueling workout.




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