Is a Plant-Based Diet the Answer to Becoming a Better Athlete?

It’s been almost two months since I started training for the TCS 2019 NYC Marathon and it’s been quite an experience. In order to get in tip-top shape, I knew I’d have to make a couple of changes. This meant organizing my schedule to make sure I made time to get my daily runs in, getting enough rest, drinking more water, and even switching up my diet a bit. I was a vegetarian for about 11 years (for other health reasons) until I decided to add back lean meats into my diet. And even though I felt healthy with some animal protein in my diet, as I embarked on this new journey, I decided I wanted to switch things up. I’d picked up running back in the day while I was a vegetarian and found that it did a good job keeping me fueled up. In fact, I learned that there are some athletes who are transitioning into plant-based diets because they believe it helps their athletic performance. But is it worth all the hype? 




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