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Watch the Trailer for ‘El Secreto De Selena’ the New Selena Quintanilla Series

In 1997, journalist María Celeste Arrarás wrote the book “Selena’s Secret: The Revealing Story Behind Her Tragic Death” (in Spanish, “El Secreto De Selena: La Reveladora Historia Detrás De Su Trágica Muerte”) — and now it’s finally hitting the small screen. The Quintanilla family have been blasting the book (and now the series) since it was released, claiming everything in the book is a lie, but that has not stopped this story from being told.

TNT has just released the trailer for El Secreto De Selena and it looks dramatic as heck.

The trailer implies that the real story of Selena began soon after her death, but what is the real story? If you haven’t read the book, we will not spoil the surprise, but there sure are many. Some of the allegations in the book have to do with Chris Perez, another man, leaving the country, an overzealous money hungry father, a letter, and much more.

The book is based on Arrarás interview with Yolanda Saldivar which took place in 1995 while she was in jail.

Last year, Telemundo revealed details regarding the series and the cast, though now that the trailer is out, the cast is different. Selena is played by Mexican actress Maya Zapata, Saldívar is played by Mexican actress Damayanti Quintanar, and Sofía Lama plays Arrarás.

Some claim that the film and the book is taking the side of Saldivar, or at least painting her out to be a victim who was hiding the secrets of Selena. In the 1995 interview Saldivar reveals that she received a letter (some claim she had written it herself) in which Selena told Saldivar to reveal her truth, that Chris Perez knew everything, and that Selena was suffering a lot.

She never truly exposed what that secret was. Either way, we’ll be watching because we love a good drama!

“El Secreto de Selena” is series comprised of 13 episodes and will debut on TNT at 9:00 p.m. (Mexico) on Sunday, Sept. 23.